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Q: What 2 parts of a body helps prevent germs?
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Do germs hide and attack unexpectedly?

No, germs are not alive and attack your body emediantly. Also you can prevent germs by being healthy and washing your body regularly.

Where you can find germs?

you can find germs in different parts of you body or even on random things

What coats germs to prevent them from harming the body?

Your skin is the biggest thing that protects your body.

Helps the body's immune system to recognize and reject germs?


Does blubber help to prevent water loss from the body?

Blubber, or subcutaneous fat, helps prevent heat loss from the body. Keratin in the epidermis helps prevent water loss from the body.

How does your body get rid of germs?

A white blood cell or WBC helps the immune system, by fighting infections disease or germs that enter the body's bloodstream. They use antibodies to terminate them.

Lymphatic system in a sentence?

The lymphatic system in your body, helps fight germs and infections.

Why do you need germs on your body?

The human body can handle some germs in the body it helps the body learn to fight and build up an immunity. The body will learn what is foreign like a bacteria and fight against it to promote health. A flu shot is putting a little bit of the flu germs in our body so the body can build up antibodies against it.

How does the cell theory work?

cell work by a microscope to see it and the are a germs and some parts of our body

Are germs important to everyday living for humans?

Yes germs take up parts of the body, I other words "Bacteria" although germs are usually regarded to bad bacteria, bacteria that might cause diseases.

What parts of the body protect against germs and disease?

The skin provides physical protection, gastric fluid in the stomach kills germs due to its high acidity, etc...

What helps a tiger survival?

Its body parts.