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The laws of gravity as expressed by Sir Issac Newton were determined before Dr. Louis Pasteur discovered penicillin.

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Q: Was gravity discovered before antibiotics
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What was discovered before antibiotics?

the circulation of blood, electricity, chromosomes, and gravity.

Which was discovered before antibiotics blood circulation electricity chromosomes or gravity?


Did isaac newton created the laws of gravity?

Isaac newton discovered or formulated the laws of gravity. The laws exist and are a part of nature they were there before he discovered them, but yes it was he who wrote them down.

Had anyone heard of gravity before newton introduced it?

Gravity was discovered long before Newton was around. Newton just postulated gravities relationships with acceleration and mass.

What ativements did Sir Isaac Newton do?

he discovered gravity he discovered gravity

When was gravity discovered?

Gravity was discovered in 1650 by Sir Isaac Newton.

Why did more children die before antibiotics were discovered?

Because children have weak immune systems unlike adults. So since there were no antibiotics, children would die faster then adults.

How and where were antibiotics discovered?

England 1928

What was discovered befor the antibiotics?

Before antibiotics were discovered, sulfa drugs were used to fight infection. They are still used prophylacticly for some conditions. For many years they were used to stop recurring bladder infections and some doctors used them to stop recurring infections among asthmatics.

Who is the one who discovered the law of gravity?

The one who discovered the Law Of Gravity is SIR ISAAC NEWTON

Who discovered the gravity of object in relation to the distance from the surface of the earth?

This is derived directly from the general Law of Gravitation, discovered by Newton. I don't think this was discovered independently before the Law of Gravitation was known.

What scientist is said to have discovered gravity with the help of an apple?

Isaac Newton discovered gravity with the help of an apple.