Should you drive with a depollution fault?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Should you drive with a depollution fault?
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Who is at fault if you hit a car reversing out of your drive?

You are! For not being cautious when reversing on to a road. You should make sure that it is safe and clear when reversing, if you hit another car it is your fault and not the person that is driving on the roads fault.

You parked your car in a apartment complex in a fire zone and a car backed up into your bumper whos fault is it?

You should get a ticket for parking illegally and the other drive should be cited for inattentive driving. You are both at fault and should get healthy tickets.

Who's at fault if you allow someone to drive your car and they wreck it?

If you gave permission for the person to drive your automobile, you (as the owner) and the driver could be at fault.

Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway and hits a car semi blocking that driveway?

The car that is moving is normally the one at fault. No matter how someone is positioned you should not drive into them (going forward or in reverse). It therefore seems to me that the car backing out of the driveway is at fault.

What is fault loop impedence in grounding systems and how should be its value?

it should be as low as possible if it shows as over 5 ohms you should drive some ground rods and put in additional ground condutors

Is it your fault that you are in foster care?

no. it is your parents fault you should never think it's your fault.

I have insurance and allowed a friend to drive my car and she had an accident who is at fault?

Your friend is. If she is over 25 she is normally covered. Because you claim on youe insurance, technically it will be an at fault accident and your premium may go up. You should talk to your insurer.

Is it automatically your fault in an accident if you drive with a suspended license?

Yes, because you

If you let someone who has no insurance drive your car and they wreck it can you get sued or what will happen as far as the insurance coverage?

Your coverage should kick in - if it was a matter of fault, you will be in the driver's shoes unfortunately.

The following fault should be found on flexible cords and cable with the exception of?

The fault that should not be found on flexible cords and cable is the ground fault.Faults that should not be found on flexible cords and cable is the ground fault.

What could be wrong with my self drive mower it does not drive thanks?

There are many questions that need to be answered before this can be answered. - is this mower one that drives it self or is a ride on - what is the trade name and year of manufacture of the mower. - Is it chain drive , friction drive , belt or hydraulic drive or any other The main thing is you have established that is the drive system that is at fault and when you know what type of drive system you have, it will highlight where the fault may be

Ford transit van dashboard light has come on with a yellow engine What does this mean?

There is a fault in the negine management system, should have it checked before trying to drive it too far.