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It depends on the policy language and limits listed on your policy.

You should read your policy for or contact your insurance agent for clarification if you don't understand it.

All policies are not the same so it depends on the policy type and coverage limits you selected when you purchased your policy.

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Q: On a home owner policy what does partial replacement cost cover?
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If a homeowner is injured and may require surgery will homeowner policy cover this?

Nope, a homeowners policy does not cover the home owner.

What does home owner insurance not cover?

There are millions of things that a homeowners insurance policy does not cover. To find out what it does cover just read your policy, anything not on there is not covered.

What does a named non owner policy cover?

It's a liability only policy. Non owner means you do not own a car so all you can get on it is Liability and some medical coverage.

Who pays insurance on a rental home?

The owner will usually have a policy but if you are a renter, you should have a renters insurance policy to cover your personal belongings.

Is there a insurance policy that will cover an individual in any vehicle he or she may drive?

A named non-owner policy. Or a dealers blanket policy (what car dealers use)

Does home owner's insurance cover a leaky roof?

some will check your policy to make sure

Can my policy cover my parents car?

The vehicle owner should have a policy on the vehicle. If you are an occasional permissive driver of their vehicle there would likely be coverage.

Is the policy owner or the auto owner responsible if a party not listed as driver wrecks the auto in Alabama?

Ultimately the vehicle owner is responsible, but not sure I understand how the owner is also not on the policy? If you could be more specific I could be of more assistance. The policy covering the vehicle (regardless of the owner, subject to exclusions), will cover, thus be responsible for the vehicles damage and actions.

Does insurance follow the car or the person?

Depends on the insurance policy. A good one will cover both, as long as the driver has permission to drive the car, and the policy owner can cover a rental or a new vehicle.

Who is responsible for a accidents costs the owner of the car or driver?

the accident is cover by insurance if the driver did not have insurance but the owner dose then it should cover for uninsured motorist if the driver was not a excluded driver of the vehicle a excluded driver is like a relative that lives the the policy holder but is not on the policy as a driver

Does insurance cover damage caused by prior owner?

Pre Existing DamageNo. Your Homeowners Policy would not cover pre-existing damage.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another persons car in Florida?

The insurance policy on the vehicle you were driving will pay any damages assuming the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the insurance policy is one and the same.