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The other person pays.

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Q: My car was hit while being parked do i have to have insurance for it to be fixed Or does the person that hit my car insurance pay for the damages?
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Will bankrupsy protect you from being sued if you were the cause of an auto accident with a parked car which no one was in you had no insurance?

No, you will still be responsible for any damage you did to the parked car.

What kind of protection does auto insurance give?

Liability insurance financially protects a driver who is not a fault in an accident by paying for damages. It will protect the driver who is at fault from being sued for damages.

My car was towed awy and crush by police for having no insurance just for being parked up outside my house can i take legal action against them?

No, assuming you live in a state where insurance is required. A condition of being on a street, whether driving or parked is that you will have the vehicle properly registered including carrying insurance.

Am I required to use insurance money to replace roof?

Insurance companies grant money to correct issues from claims. If a person receives money to replace a roof from an insurance company, the money should be used for the repair. If a person decides to not use the money to replace the roof, there could be issues selling the home. The value of the home could decrease. Another issue a person may encounter is the risk of other damages resulting from the roof not being repaired. The insurance company may not cover damages to the home as a result of the roof not being replaced.

A parked car that is not being driven is hit without insurance is the person who hit it responsible to pay for the damage?

Insurance is based on liability. In other words the person who is at fault must pay for any damage caused. It makes no difference whether the at-fault driver crashes into an animal, a person, a parked car, a moving vehicle or even a wall or some street furniture. The problem in most cases is (1) finding the person responsible and (2) recovering the money if they are not covered by insurance. Trying to prove it is the first step.

How can you prove by the damages on cars your car was parked?

If can only be proved when it is being touch by the one who damage your car and leave some fingerprints in it. In that way the police can trace that person who owns that fingerprint and can conclude that he's the one who's responsible on damaging your car.

What happens if you have no insurance and the other driver is at fault in South Carolina and the driver at fault does have insurance?

You will be cited for driving without insurance and the other driver being at fault, him and his insurance are still liable for damages.

How are homeowner claims paid to person who had deed but not policy?

Homeowner insurance claims are paid to the policy holder, in a condo and the damages are being reimbursed by the association the deed and title holder gets the refund

Who is at fault if someone is closing the door of a parked car and the oncoming passing car and the driver is not paying attention hits the parked car?

Nonone If the car is legally parked and the door is being closed, it is the car that hit it's fault, or rather the person driving that car. If the door was being opened, it is the person opening the door.

Who to file claim with when you are rear ended?

I was rear ended a while ago by a person who was renting a vehicle. She had insurance on the rental and her own vehicle through Safe Auto. Hopefully you exchanged info. with the person that rear ended you! In my case, we exchanged info. Her insurance called me but had told me that since she had rental insurance that the rental place would cover the damages to my vehicle. That was a lie on Safe Auto's behalf. Safe Auto was liable for the damages to my vehicle and after getting on them about my claim through them, I was finally reimbursed. Point being that the claim should be filed through their (the person that rear ended you) insurance company. If you didn't get any of the other person's info. then I would suggest talking with your own insurance company.

Can the car windows blow out if parked in garage?

From being parked only - no.

Do you have to pay the full deductible even if the accident wasn't your fault?

Yes. If the claim is being made on your insurance. For example, if the damages are $2000 and there is a $500 deductible, the insurance company will pay $1500.