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this is very harmful to your body cos u are always pooing

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Q: Iv been taking 10 to 15 laxatives a day for the past 4 days you do this once a week your question is are you causing harm to yourself and if so what kind of harm are you causing yourself?
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Can laxatives stop your period?

No, taking laxatives will not stop your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle, taking laxitives has no effect on your cycle at all.

Can you get addicted to laxatives?

Laxatives can be addictive, however, not in the same way as a narcotic drug or cigarettes. The more you use laxatives the more your bowel movements will become dependent on them. A bottle may recommend taking only 2 tablets. However, after prolonged use, you will have to take more for them to work. Fairly soon you will be taking handfuls and up to a few bottles of laxatives in order to have a bowel movement. With prolonged use you will become completely dependent on laxatives in order to have a bowel movement, and you can cause yourself to become constipated permanently.

Will laxatives still make you defecate if you're not constipated?

Yes, taking laxatives will make you defecate even if you are not constipated.

Effects of taking laxatives in early pregnancy?

Not a good idea

What is the primary reason that laxatives are generally not effective agents for losing weight?

What comes out from your butt after taking laxatives is poop and water, not fat.

Why does your child get backed up while on daily laxatives?

The child may have intestinal problems if they are still backed up after taking laxatives. A doctor will need to treat the child.

Can Ambien be taken laxatives?

Yes, Ambien and Laxatives can be taken together, they do not have any adverse reaction together. However, it is not suggested because when taking Ambien a person needs at least 8 hours to sleep, and laxatives can interrupt those hours.

How do laxatives cause weight loss?

Laxatives do not cause constipation, they are used to relieve constipation. There are different classes of laxatives - bulk laxatives, cathartics, stool softeners, etc. - and they each have a different mechanism of action.

What are some different types of laxatives?

There are many types of laxatives. The three primary types are osmotic, saline and stimulant laxatives. Each type has a different mechanism of action and different side effects. Dependency is an important factor to consider when taking any type of laxative.

Will taking a laxative help remove pin worms?

Yes, taking herbal laxatives will remove some worms, but you must follow up by taking fennel seeds...

Can you take laxatives while taking Allii?

You can without ill effect. However, if you eat any fat while taking Alli you will not need the laxative.

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