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Maybe. Missed, irregular or late periods do not always indicate pregnancy, but if you are wondering, you should have a pregnancy test performed.

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Q: It has been 8 weeks since your last period Are you pregnant?
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How far pregnant would you be five weeks after intercourse?

They count pregnancy from your last menstrual period not from when you actually had sex and conceieved. So if its been 5 wks since you had sex and got pregnant but you had your period like a week before that then you'd be 6 weeks pregnant. Or if you started your period 2 weeks before you had sex then you'd be 7 weeks pregnant.

You have my tubes tied and you got the system's of being pregnant but it's only been 2 weeks since your last period could you be pregnant?


You are 5 weeks you have been spotting since sat?

i am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant i have been spotting since Saturday

How many weeks pregnant is the mum when the embryo is a week old?

The women has been pregnant for a week, although most doctors count from the date since the woman's last period.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill yet did not use a condom but 3 tests have been negative and every period since has been regular?

Since you have been having your period, it means that you are not pregnant.

Its been 6 weeks since my last period and I have sore breasts but no other symptoms I have a 21 day cycle What could be the cause?

you could be pregnant......

How do you find out how far along you are if you think you are 4 weeks pregnant?

you work out the date of the first day of period and count how many weeks its been since then, that's how far you will be or use a due date calculator.

You had your a small place in your tubes took out and your periods have not been normal since then you just had your period just about 2 weeks ago and now you are bleeding again could you be pregnant?

if youre bleeding youre not pregnant

If a doctor tell you your girl is 8 weeks pregnant and you know you wasnt here for the that first 2 week can that baby be yours?

Yes! If she is eight weeks pregnant that measn it has been 8 weeks since her last period started. Tthe baby would have been conceived around 2 weeks later. So if you had intercourse about 6 weeks ago, then the baby is yours

Could you be pregnant if you feel movement like a baby movingits been 3 weeks since your last period?

You will not feel "baby" movement after just three weeks ... maybe three months. If you want to know if you are truly pregnant, go see your gynecologist.

Is it possible for a pregnant women to vomit in the first week of pregnancy?

No. Pregnancy is calculated as 40 weeks or 10 months from your last monthly period. The average woman ovulates around day 14 of her cycle, so if she has sex and gets pregnant when she ovulates, she would not even know she was pregnant until she misses her period around day 28. So, this means that the first two weeks of a 40 week pregnancy, you are not actually pregnant. By the time you can confirm you are pregnant, it has been around 4 weeks from your last period (and two weeks from your ovulation date). Since you are not actually pregnant those weeks, there would be no pregnancy symptoms.

Can you still be pregnant if the pregnancy test say no?

Yes. It might just be too early. Until your period comes you could still be pregnant. unless its been 3 weeks since you had sex and the test is negative