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Pregnancy is calculated as 40 weeks or 10 months from your last monthly period. The average woman ovulates around day 14 of her cycle, so if she has sex and gets pregnant when she ovulates, she would not even know she was pregnant until she misses her period around day 28.

So, this means that the first two weeks of a 40 week pregnancy, you are not actually pregnant. By the time you can confirm you are pregnant, it has been around 4 weeks from your last period (and two weeks from your ovulation date). Since you are not actually pregnant those weeks, there would be no pregnancy symptoms.

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Q: Is it possible for a pregnant women to vomit in the first week of pregnancy?
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Does it mean your pregnant if your throwing up from an onion?

Pregnancy can make you more prone to vomit but most people who vomit are not pregnant. If you have any doubt then you should just take a pregnancy test.

If you vomit what will be the colour if you get pregnant?

The color of your vomit will be determined by what you eat, and isn't influenced by pregnancy.

Is this possible you may be pregnant if you burp vomit?

Yes, acid reflux is a common thing that pregnant women deal with. However, many non-pregnant people have acid reflux, so it's not an automatic confirmation of pregnancy. If you are nervous, you should take a pregnancy test. That is the only way to truly know.

When you wake up of the morings it feels like you are going to vomit does that mean you are pregnant?

morning sickness is a symptom of pregnancy, but it would be good to check this theory with a pregnancy test

How often a girl vomit during early pregnancy?

It depends some girl don't get sick while pregnant while others do

Does a woman have to vomit during pregnancy?

Vomiting can be some of the first indications that you're pregnant. Generally it occurs in Morning sickness if you are pregnant. Even you may notice some subtle signs of pregnancy -- fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, and breast tenderness. These are expert symptoms if you're trying to get pregnant.For more Details contact to

Does it mean your pregnant when you vomit a little every other day?

It does not neccessarily mean you're pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test, and if that's negative, you should go and see the doctor

What are some signs that you are pregnant?

Missed period is the first definitive sign of pregnancy. At around the same time you may have sore/tender breast, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea.The first is missing your period, nausea, dizziness, vomit, morning sickness among others.

While pregnant and drinking vinegar what happens when you vomit?

I would worry about stomach acid burning the esophagus. It will not stop the pregnancy, I strongly discourage the practice Joymaker rn

Are you pregnant if you vomit foam?

No, just sick

What does it mean if your vomit is dry?

It means your pregnant

Can a girl vomit?

well she can be belimick whitch is serouse or she can also be pregnant.