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Yes, some people have large frames and some have small frames, this can also be a big or small boned person.

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Q: Is there such a thing as big or small boned?
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Is there such thing as big boned?


Is there a such thing as big boned?

Yes I believe so. However, fat is fat. Go work out if your fat. But some people ARE big boned.

How do you find a boyfriend when you are big boned?

define 'big boned'? Jocks? You need a guy more 'big boned' than you are.

Is there such thing as being big boned?

Yes. A person can have a small, medium (normal) or large frame. This is measured using a caliper on the elbow. Measure from one tuberosity (bump) to the other.

How can you tell if you are fat or big boned?

One way to tell if you are overweight is by measuring your body mass index (BMI). Being big boned may contribute to a higher weight but does not necessarily mean you are overweight. Consulting a healthcare professional can help provide more accurate guidance on whether you are overweight or just have a larger frame.

What shirt size does Demi Lovato wear?

Medium,she is small big big boned and curvy.

I am big boned and 5'9 can i ever weigh 110?

There is no such thing as being big boned. Yes you can weigh 110 pounds, I dont know if that would be the right size for you, but with diet and exercise it is possible. I would maybe try for 140 pounds.

What does popped the chubbier mean?

It means you tapped the fatty. Boned the big-boned girl.

Is 135 a good weight for someone who is 5'6''?

I think that is a good weight. For your height, that sounds proportional. It sounds right to me! If you are big boned no. If you are medium boned you could be that or up to 145 lbs., or small boned it's the correct weight. I'm 5' 6" tall and small-boned and 135 lbs. would be right on for me, but unfortunately, I have to shed about 20 lbs., and I'm in the midst of doing so. LOL

Can cats be big boned?

yes, they can.

Is 'big boned' a real condition?


How does a person know if they are a small or medium boned?

If you place your fingers around the wrist at the smallest place (below the wrist bones) and you can touch the first finger and the thumb, you are medium boned, if they overlap, you are small boned and if they don't touch, you are large boned.