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Medium,she is small big big boned and curvy.

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Demi Lovato wears a M-Medium

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Q: What shirt size does Demi Lovato wear?
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Did Demi Lovato get a makeover?

Yes, she did. Demi used to wear all black.

What eye shadow does Demi Lovato wear?


What types of hats does Demi Lovato wear?


What colors does Demi Lovato wear?

Black & red

What does Demi Lovato wear at her concerts?

clothes. yep i agree

Does Demi Lovato wear vests?

Yes, All The TIME!

Does demi lovato wear a lot of red lipstick?


What kind of pandties does Demi Lovato wear?

Demi Lovato has not specified the kind of panties that she prefers to wear but she has been seen wearing black lace panties and black lace bras.

Did Demi Lovato use to wear glasses?

yes now she wears contacts

What are Demi Lovato's favorite shoes?

Demi Lovato's favorite shoes are her Sergio Rossi boots.Buzzworthy: OK, what's your favorite thing to wear on stage?Demi Lovato: I love high boots. I have a pair of Sergio Rossi boots I absolutely love. They're amazing.

Does Demi Lovato wear leather pants?

Actually Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus where these things called Liquid Leggings they look like leather but I am not sure what they are made of i think you can get these at walmart.

Does Demi Lovato wear too much black?

yes she normally wears black.