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harmonic balance has left hand thread

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Q: Is the threading for a harmonic balancer left or right handed on a 92 Toyota pickup?
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Do a Chevy 5.3 left handed treads on harmonic balancer?

no, threads are right handed.

Are the threads right or left hand on 1997 regal harmonic balancer bolt?

Right handed.

Are the threads of the harmonic balancer left or right on a 1993 lebaron?

They are right handed. Turn counter clockwise to loosen.

Is the bolt on a 3800 gm harmonic balancer R or Lh threads?

Judging by the video of someone using the starter to break the bolt loose the threads are regular right handed threads

How to remove harmonic balancer bolt on a 1991 elite Oldsmobile 98 is harmonic balancer bolt left handed or right handed thread?

Take it off as you would a normal bolt. It is a 'Right Handed' thread. Use a breaker bar or impact wrench. I also used a breaker bar with a 15/16 inch socket. I place the breaker bar up against the frame and after removing the spark plug wires at the coil I tapped the ignition key. It took a while but eventually it came loose.

96 Chrysler Cirrus LX 2.5 Harmonic balancer fell off. Auto store says it's still good. I'm trying to put it back on but need a pin but don't know what it's called. Need instructions and pin name.?

The "pin" you are referring to is a keyway bar (probably also called keyway pin). You will need to know the dimensions of the keyway slot on the end of the crankshaft (or perhaps your auto parts store can find it in their computer). If I am not mistaken, the bolt or nut that holds the harmonic balancer to the cranckshaft has a left-handed thread (you can check at the auto parts store).

Is there left handed threads on dampener on 1996 2.7 liter Toyota?

I doubt it.

Right or left handed threads on taking out harmonic balancer bolt on 1996 prizm?

Right hand. It's got a lot of torque so I get then loose by using an extra long breaker bar and bumping the starter. Just make sure you've got it braced against something solid (like the ground or driveway etc.) because you don't want it slipping and tearing something up.

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