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Q: Is roof insurance for termite fumigation a rip off?
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Is an apartment complex liable for injuries that happen on their property?

Possibly. It depends whose fault it was. If the roof fell on the tenant's dog because of termite damage, the landlord is at fault. If the tenant fell off the roof while drunk, probably not.

Do you have to tear off a roof if it's an insurance claim?

This is a broad question as it does not outline the extensiveness of the damage to the roof. If there is only a section damaged or a handful of shingles are blown off, the insurance company will not 'give' you enough money to cover a tear off of your roof. If you choose to proceed with a 'tear off', make sure you research the process and cost. There are some companies who will increase their quote if they think you do not understand the pricing structure.

What is the termite off of Dexter's laboratory?


Does Florida Homeowners Insurance without extra flood insurance cover water damage if the roof is torn off from a storm and water comes from the sky?

Yes. This is not a 'flood' situation. Flood insurance covers rising waters entering the home. The homeowners policy covers resulting water damage from a wind damaged roof.

Can your insurance company make you replace your roof?

No. But as the insured (that is you) it is up to you to maintain your house in good repair.Insurance is there to cover the risk of unforeseen, accidental damage to your property not to replace parts that are wearing out naturally.If you fail to maintain the roof of your property in good repair the insurance company may refuse to pay out if your roof blows off. After all the damage would not be accidental if it happens because of poor maintenance.

How do you spell roofof?

Possible words are: -- rooftop - the top of a roof --"roof off" - a roof comes off -- the proper name Rudolph (also Rudolf)

How can you get an egg off of the roof of your porch?

go on top of your roof and take it of

Should you remove snow and ice from your roof or allow it to melt off?

No, take it off your roof. It will pool up water come spring, and might dent your roof.

Why is a roof a pyramid shape?

so rain water runs off the roof

What happen if the rain fall on roof?

Then rain falls on a roof and if the roof works properly the rain will drain off of the structure.

Snow fell down off your roof and damaged the hood of your car Will your full coverage auto insurance cover the cost of new hood?

Yes, comprehensive coverage should pay for incidents such as this.

Can I remove my own snow from my roof?

It is safe do to so depending on how much snow there is. Start off with standing on a ladder and shoveling it off of the roof. Get as far up as you can and then you can slowly ease your way onto the roof.