Is kindom hearts 3 real

Updated: 9/14/2023
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As far as I know yes well i have seen the cover but many people just think its a combo of kh codded kh birth by sleep and kh 358/2 days but i think it will follow the letter king mickey gave to sora and riku and it will follow some leads on king mickey's past

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Q: Is kindom hearts 3 real
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Did Sora die in Kingdom Hearts 3?

No he didn't,he will come back if they make kindom hearts 4.

What is a nobody in kindom hearts?

Nobody is Organizes XIII are create and have no hearts.

Will there be anymore Kingdom Hearts games in the us?

Yes, there will be birth by sleep (not kingdom hearts 3), 358/2 days, if we are lucky, kingdom hears coded,and kindom hearts final mix.

Who are the secret bosses in kindom hearts 2?

There are no secret bosses. What you see is what you get.

Is kindom hearts an anime?

Kingdom Hearts currently is a video game series with a manga adaption. So no, it is not an anime.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 real?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

What is the real name for kingdom?

the real name of the kindom is england

When is kindom hearts 3 going to be released?

There are three Kingdom Hearts games in the works right now. One for DS, one for PSP, and one for cell phones. Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn't been announced yet, so no one knows the release date. The other three will be out first, and after that we might hear something.

What is the best keyblade in kindom hearts 2?

I say it's oblivion, but somebody told me it isn't, so yea.

Where can you get kindom hearts?

You can get it at Game Stop if they have it it'll be easier to call them first before going there just to save gas then if they do have them go there and buy it.

What is Kingdom Hearts 3 release date?

Although no one knows for sure, Tetsuya Nomura (Creator of previous Kindom Hearts and the Final Fantasy's) Has revealed that in 2009 Final Fantasy XIII and XIII Versus shall come out, not revealing the percific date. He also said he wanted to finish Final Fantasy XIII before attempting to finish Kingdom Hearts 3. So I hoped this helped.

Birth by Sleep is on ps2 right?

It's coming out on the PSP actually. But they are coming out with Kindom Hearts: ReChain of Memories for the PS2 a remake of the gameboy version.