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Depends. If you've stopped and they've crashed into you from behind, then no.

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Q: Is it your fault when someone hits you at a yellow light?
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Who is at fault if there is a tire in the road and someone hits it then the tire hits you?

why does someone always need to be at fault. its just an accident, get on with life and claim it on your own insurance, instead of trying to find someone to blame

Who fault is it when someone is pulling out of the driveway and hits another car?

The person pulling out of the driveway is at fault.

If I don't have a license and I at fault in an accident?

States will difer, however, you can be cited for not having a license (obviously), but just because you were not licensed does not automatically make you at fault in an accident. For example if you were sitting still at a red light and rear ended, driving through a green light at intersection and someone runs a red light and hits you, or a drunk driver hits you head on, in your lane-NO, you are not at fault, you just need a good attorney. Good Luck

Is the driver who hits another from the rear always at fault?

No. For example if a driver stops at green light and the driver to his rear hits him, it is the driver in front's fault.

Are you at fault if you are backing out and someone pulls out behind you from a blind spot?

And hits you? Yes, unless that someone was speeding or otherwise careless (ran a red-light etc).

Who is at fault when someone backs into you while backing out of a parking space and hits you in the front right tire?

If they backed into you, it's their fault. Failure to yield.

Who is at fault when collision occurs and one driver has flashing yellow and other has flashing red light?

The person at fault is the one that ran the red light or the amber light. Rules of the road are .... if you are already out in the intersection to make a turn on a green light and the light goes amber and then possibly turns red, you are inside the law, but, if you race out into the intersection on an amber light and it turns red and you get hit, it's your fault. EXAMPLE: A vehicle screamed out into the intersection on an amber light, then suddenly the light turned red and the oncoming traffic started up and hit that vehicle then it's the person who raced out into the intersection. Marcy

Who is at fault when you are parking and someone backing out of their space hits you?

Whoever the police report charges with the accident.

Who is fault is it when driver 1 is making a left hand turn at a 4 way intersection and hits driver 2 coming straight ahead?

whoever did not stop i guess. obviously there had to be a light or a stop sign and someone did not obey the stop sign or light. the first to stop at a 4 way stop has the right to go, if it is a light well someone blew the light.

Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway and hits a car semi blocking that driveway?

The car that is moving is normally the one at fault. No matter how someone is positioned you should not drive into them (going forward or in reverse). It therefore seems to me that the car backing out of the driveway is at fault.

If your car is parked turned off and you are getting out when another car hits you who is at fault?

hits your car or hits you?If you walked out into on-coming traffic then that's your fault. No one can read minds and anticiapte that you will be walking out in front of them.If someone hit your parked car, that's their faultAnswerIt is the guy who hit yous fault!

What happens if someone hits your car with no insurance but you got no fault insurance?

you pay alot of money stupid