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Yes. That's why those tests should be repeated several days apart.

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Q: Is it possible to get a false negative when you really are pregnant two days after your period was supposed to start?
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Can you still get pregnant if you are on the pill and supposed to get your period but did not get it?

yes you can still get pregnant on the pill. it is very unlikely but it is possible.

Are you pregnant if you have a negative test and a regular period?

Most likely no, but however it is possible.

Your period is due in about 5 days and you feel pregnant you took a test yesterday and it was negative could you be pregnant?

well i don't think it could be possible

If home pregnancy test negative can you still be pregnant and get your period?

No you can't be pregnant and still have your period. You can have a light bleed but not a period. As for the whole negative test thing, it could be a false negative.

If you spotted the first two days of your cycle and had a normal period after could you be pregnant?

you are not supposed to have a period if you are pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant 18 days after period?

Yes it is possible to be pregnant after your period. In all honesty, as long as you have your period, it is possible for you to get pregnant as getting your period means that your female egg cells are circulating and are at work.

Last month I got my period on the 23rd and it's 2 of February I did a preggo test and came negative is it still possible to be pregnant?

If you had your period, there should be no problems?

Is it possible for a female to get pregnant before she has ever had a period?

Impossible. Having a period means that a women has reached her "womanhood" and will be able to bear children.THAT ANSWER IS NOT CORRECT!!!you can get pregnant something like two weeks before your first period. the blood that comes out is the "food" for the possible baby. not the egg that is supposed to become a baby.

Period was due on March 23 and it is still no where in sight have taken about 10 hpt all negative Is it possible to still be pregnant even with so many negative hpts?

It is possible you are pregnant but you may just have a "problem" so i recomend seeing a doctor or Vagina-cologist.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you intercourse after period?

Yes, it is very possible to get pregnant anytime you have intercourse. VERY RARELY do women even get pregnant while on their period.

Is pregnancy possible a day after period ends?

It is even possible to get pregnant on your period.

Can a girl have her period when shes pregnant?

its rear to have your period while your pregnant but its very possible.