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Yes, it is normal to have brown spotting while on the pill, particularly if you have recently started taking it or have changed brands. Brown spotting while on the pill can occur in place of a regular period.

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Q: Is it normal to have brown spotting while on the pill?
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You take the morning after pill you get your period when your sopposed too and your period is normal but after its done you have spotting is that normal?

Spotting is very normal while on the pill. After a few months you shouldn't have any spotting.

Spotting while taking the pill?

Very normal. Many woman have spotting when first starting the pill. It should stop after a month or so. You may stop having your period all together while on the pill. If the spotting doesn't stop I suggest talking to a doctor or switching to another birth control.

On the pill is it normal to have spotting between periods?

No this isn't normal

Brown spotting while on pill but not pregnant but period is late?

It is called break through bleeding. How can it be late if you are on the pill? The pill regulates periods, if it's not doing that it is not working, perhaps you are not following the directions or the type of pill you are using is not suitable for you.

Is spotting normal after coming off the pill?

Yes, it is very normal, you might even end up with a regular period after stopping the pill.

Is spotting weeks before you scheduled period while on birth control normal?

Its actually very normal, along with other symptoms i took the pill and I'm on the patch now and it still happens. and some people actually have there spotting flow like there normal period.

What is wrong if you are on the pill and you have brown spotting and strange clumps come out when you pee?

You need to go and speak to the doctor who prescribed you the pill about it

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to spot while on the sugar pills?

The birth control pill can make the lining of the uterus thinner, and so you don't bleed as much during the pill-free week. Sometimes it's just spotting.

Is it normal that on day seven of starting pill experiencing bleeding but not like normal period no cramps or pain?

Yes it's normal to experience some spotting. This usually goes away after your body gets used to being on the pill. Give it a few months, if you keep having spotting, you may need to switch the brand of pill that you're on.

Is it normal to have brown spotting between periods when you have skipped the placebo birth control pills?

The placebo pill is taken so you have the habit of taking the birth control pill, even during your period. So your period should happen the week your placebo is taken. So if you are taking the pill and you have missed a pill and then doubled up or just missed the pill sometimes you can spot brown. Sometimes you can spot brown at the very end of your cycle. It could also be the birth control pill you are taking isn't the right one for you. Contact your physician if you are following the directions of the prescription and spotting mid cycle. i always skip placebo pills since they are only needed to remind you to the the pill at the same time every day. you get your period when you are supposed to start placebos. Brown spotting is a "period" and happens to me all the time.

What does it mean if you are on the pill and have been spotting red-brown blood and have sore breasts?

I would go to the doctor if i were you. Best of luck. you could be pregnant but there might be a problem. I had brown spotting which lead to a period and i miscarried. You need to go to the doctor and get an ultrasound done and blood tests best of luck Brown blood means old blood. This can be a indication of pregnancy. See your doctor for a blood test because of your irregular periods.