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many people say it can last that long and that it's normal, mine does sometimes but i have also heard that this is a sign that you need to see a doctor as i am currently doing research on this topic.

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Q: Is it normal for your period to last for 10 days?
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Spotting after a period?

normal cycles can last 10 days. sorry Joymaker RN

Is it normal to have a period for a year?

no, it is not. usually you'll have it for about 4-10 days.

When are the days that girls can get pregnant?

7-10 days after your last period started

Is it normal to bleed for 10 days?

well, if your refering to your period, then this is completely normal. Most people's period lasts between 3 and 7 days, others last longer. I wouldn't get to worried or anything, it's completely normal. If this didn't help, I'd suggest seeing your doctor about it for further info. x

Could you get pregnant if the period is days over?

Yes, your prime time for conceiving is 10-14 days after your last period.

Is it normal to be 10 days late for your period?

yes its normal .. but if your period is late more than 20-30days then u should see a doctor..

How many days do you ovalute after peiord?

The average is 10-14 days after the start of your last period.

How long does the first period after a myomectomy last?

it will take 10 to 15 days .

You have had your period for 8 days is that normal?

Yes, this is normal. Length varies from 3-10 days...sometimes they last up to 14! Everyone is different so dont worry...especially if you had your first period recently...girls are usually very irregular and all over the place for the first year or two!

Is normal to have a 2 day period?

it is not supposed to unless you are pregnent of just starting off a period for the first time. check it out with a doctor.

Having a period for over a month?

You need to go see your doctor ASAP. This isn't normal at all. Your period should last no longer than 7-9 days. If you have your period for more than 10 days strait, then something is up. I would recommended seeing your doctor right away!!!

Dose a period last for one day?

No it usually lasts for 5-10 days.