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7-10 days after your last period started

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Q: When are the days that girls can get pregnant?
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Can girls only get pregnant two days out of the month?


How fast can girls get pregnant?

It takes one ejaculation and then the sperms can live in the female body for 3 days/72 hours and that is when you get pregnant. So everything from 3 days to years.

Could 23 billion babies be born in 1 minute?

NO as Girls now a days not willing to get pregnant

Do girls want to get pregnant during their periods?

Not in the first days but in the end, yes.

When can girls can pregnant?

Girls can get pregnant once they've had their period.

Sore heels caused by virus?

Well oviously because more teenage girls these days are getting pregnant.

Do girls get sensitive when pregnant?

Yes,girls get sensitive when they get pregnant.

When in a girls period can you get her pregnant?

Around the middle of the cycle, day 11 onwards for around 5 days, depending on the female.

Can a pregnant girls get pregnant while she is pregnant?

No. She is all ready pregnant.

Is any of the cheetah girls are pregnant?

yes they are pregnant

Can you get pregnant in two days?

can you be pregnant within two days.

Can a girl get pregnant by a girl when on period and still have clothes on?

I don't get it, but girls can't get girls pregnant, fullstop.