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yes its normal .. but if your period is late more than 20-30days then u should see a doctor..

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โˆ™ 2008-10-18 19:09:17
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Q: Is it normal to be 10 days late for your period?
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Is it normal to be 10 days late from your period?

no stewpeds! your pregnant! u better go look for the dad right now!

10 days late period negative result spotting?

Me to exalcley...

Is it normal to have a period for a year?

no, it is not. usually you'll have it for about 4-10 days.

If you are 10 days late for your period could you be pregnant?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

Is brown spotting normal 10 days after period?

brown spotting 10 days after period is usually ovulation spotting. this occurs from the sudden drop in hormone levels.

What if your period was 10 days late when it finally came lasted two days then had brownish discharge following pink discharge?

It would be normal if your period started less than a year ago. If not, search it and see if any disease come up.

Why do you get negative pregnancy test results when your period is 10 days late?

maybe your pregnant, maybe your period cycle is changing

Spotting after a period?

normal cycles can last 10 days. sorry Joymaker RN

You are 11 - why is your period 10 days late?

Presuming that you haven't had sex, and you're far to young to be doing that - Its quite normal particularly in younger girls to miss a month or be late. You can also miss or be late (or early) due to stress, travelling, illness and sometimes medication.

If your period is late will your next one be late to?

the first day of my last pried was 8/10/08 and i did't get the next one yet is that normal?

When I'm 10 days late for your period how big should you be and when should you take a test?

If your 10 days late for your period you counld certainly take the pregnancy test now. most test will give a accurate reading even a couple of days after your missed period. if in fact the test came back positive, only ten day after the missed period you wouldn't be showing yet.

Is it normal for your period to be ten days early?

yes it is if you are not in your regular cycle than can come anytime and last for 10 -12 days

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