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The amount of sleep a person needs varies from individual to individual. Generally, it is good to get eight hours of sleep, though.

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Q: Is it good to get eight hours of sleep?
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The more you sleep the more sleep you want?

The more you sleep the more sleep you want is not necessarily true. As long you get eight hours of sleep every day your body will work just fine. Sleeping more or less than eight hours for prolonged period of times is not good for the body.

If you are a 17-year-old and studying 11th stardard how many hours should you sleep?

You should sleep seven to eight hours to be ready for a good days work and not be tired.

How many hours sleep does an eight year old need?

about 8 to 10 hours of sleep

How many hours of sleep does an eight year old need?

10-11 hours every night are the optimum hours of sleep an eight-year-old should get.

How much sleep should a 12-year-old get?

8-12 Hours 8hr 10PM-6AM 12hr 8PM-8AM

Eight hours for work eight hours for sleep eight hours for what we will was used in the late 1800s to promote a major goal of what?

organized labor

How many hours of sleep do you need if you are in middle school?

Eight hours and thirty minutes.

How long does a person sleep?

Sleep TimeRecommended sleep time is eight hours a night, but some sleep more and some less.

How much sleep should a man get?

The recommended amount of sleep for the average adult is eight hours.

How long do people sleep if they go to bed at eight thirty pm and wakes up at eight thirty am?

You sleep for 12 hours exactly.

How many hours do Sumatran Orangutans sleep?

At night, orangutans sleep just like us - or at least like we should - capturing a full eight hours of sleep.

How may hours of sleep does a 31 year old need?

All humans typically need eight hours of sleep, no matter the age? Your age doesn't mean anything to your sleep. Age and your hours of sleep are useless to each other.