Is frieza a boy

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Is frieza a boy
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Is frieza a boy or girl?

Well if you put it that way, Frieza is a boy. I have proof. Im not sure but i think he's a homosexual and a scardycat. If u have seen the new Dragon Ball Z Kai on nicktoons, King cold(Frieza's father) called him prince frieza, and son.

Is vegeta stronger than frieza?

no frieza killed him then he becomes super saiyan. this means he is stronger than frieza after when frieza is dead.

In Dragon Ball Z what planet is frieza from?

Frieza's home planet is Planet Frieza

When was Frieza created?

Frieza was created in 1989.

How did Frieza become Mecha Frieza?

Frieza became mecha frieza when his father found him flotting in space and ordered the survents to bring him on the ship and repair him

Does Cooler care about Frieza at all?

He loves and hates Frieza. He hates Frieza because their father spoiled Frieza, but he also loves him because Frieza is his only brother, as he wanted to avenge Freiza's death.

What is the birth name of Frieza Porizka?

Frieza Porizka's birth name is Frieza Porizka Rahma Putri.

What episode does frieza get killed by Goku?

Frieza does not get killed by Goku. Future Trunks is the one to kill Frieza.

Who is Frieza's mom?

Frieza isn't known to have a mom.

Who is frieza's father?

King Cold is Frieza's father.

What planet is frieza from?

Frieza is from the planet called Planet Frieza No. 17.

When frieza died by goku did cooler got mad?

Frieza wasn't killed by Goku , Trucks was the one who killed Frieza and King Cold but Cooler did get mad however when Goku beat Frieza on Namek.