Is frenzoo a kids game

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is frenzoo a kids game
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Fun safe virtual worlds for kids?

* Meez * Stardoll * Teen.secondlife * Frenzoo * Missbimbo

How do you download frenzoo?

If you're talking about Frenzoo, an animal game then, you can either download it on Yahoo!Games (For Trials Only!) or if you're talking the OTHER frenzoo, Online world, 3d chat & create avatars! I don't really think, you download it.

What is a postal code for frenzoo?

1111 for frenzoo

Do you kiss on frenzoo?

Yes you can kiss and have a boyfriend or girlfriend on frenzoo

How do you get a house on frenzoo?

There is no need to get a house on Frenzoo, as you have your personal background in which you can customise it however you like

What girl games don't need Adobe Flash player?

Miss bimbo,fashion fantasy game,frenzoo

Can you get nude on frenzoo?

No you can't

What is a game like vside?

imvu, frenzoo, there (but is closed down alr), that's most of it that's a bit like vside

Does frenzoo need to be download?


Is there downloading or installation required for frenzoo?


How do you have a baby on frenzoo?

i think you cant :P

Are there any virtual worlds for 10 and plus?

Yeah. For 13 and plus there is Frenzoo, Smallworlds, Smeet, Habbo and Zwinky. Frenzoo, Smallworlds and Smeet are 3D.