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you cant have kids on any of the Sims Nintendo games i know its really not at all that fun without being able to raise kids in the game but you can still get a sims computer game and have kids

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Q: What are the names of the Sims ds games in which you can have kids?
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Can you have kids on my sims ds?

no you can not have kids on my sims for ds.

Can sims have kids on sims 2 for ds?

no, your sims can't get married and they can't have kids on the DS version. it sucks, i wish you could.

Can you get married on The Sims 2 ds?

Nope, And you cant have kids on the Ds Sims.

How do you have kids on Sims 3 ds?

Get the sims to WOoHoo

The sims for the DS can you have any kids on it?

i tryed and so did my brothers and they been married ages so i don't think you can get kids i think they were lying on the advert but has anyone got kids on Sims 3 on ds or dsi.

How do you get kids in Sims 2 for Nintendo DS?

You dont.

In what sims ps2 games can a sim have a child?

You can't have any kids on ps2.If you have a Ps3,Wii and Nintendo Ds Sims 3 is coming out 29 October 2010!!!

Are there any Sims 3 games for DS?

Yes. The original Sims 3 game was released for DS in October 2010, and the Sims 3 Pets was released on 3DS in October 2011. So far, these are the only Sims 3 games for DS.

How do you get married and have babies in the game the urbz sims in the city for the ds?

You don't. You can't do this in any of the DS Sims games.

Can you get the Sims for Nintendo DS?

Depends on what Sims it is. The games I know of that you can get on the Ds are these: Sims Castaway Sims3 SimsCity(it will be called SimsCityDs) And that's pretty much it. B.A

Can you have whoo on sims 2 ds?

no because the game is for kids(that is exactly why!).

Can you get married on Sims two for Ds?

no, sadly not on the DS version. you can't get married and you can't have any kids.