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yes, in a line - if b hits a and and c hits b - it is c's fault. By law c should be a good distance away from b - big enough for that case

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Q: Is car c at fault if car c hits car b when car b hits car a?
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Who is at fault if car A backed up and car B hits car C?

Car A is at fault.

Who is at fault if car A is mergeing into the next lane hit car B and caused car B to hit car C Then car A hits car B again. Car C is injured. Who pays for car C's injuries?

Car A pays- He started it. That's not always true. Was sitting at red light, was hit by other car that had been hit by other car. Insurance Co. said neither car was at fault, my insurance fixed my car. No fault ins.

Who is at fault if car a is mergeing into the next lane hit car b and caused car b to hit car c then car a hits car b again car c is injured who pays for car h's injuries?

H is. Why is it there in the first place. You can see there is another car there, so get out the way

In parking garage - car A reversing from spot - half way out of spot car B comes around the corner - the cars collide - rear of car A and front of car B - who's at fault?

Car A is at fault b/c Car B has the rightaway.

There is a three car pill up if car A first hit car B then car B hit car C who is at fault for the accident?

Obviously Car B and Car C wouldn't have been involved if Car A hadn't started the chain reaction.

Who is liable for injury in a pile up where car C hits car B causing car B to hit car A in state of Ohio?

car a b and c because they all hit each other

Car a in left lane almost hits the back end of car b but instead of rear-ending car b car a swerves into the right lane of travel striking car c who is at fault?

Car a for following to close to stop in time. Also by changing lanes without signaling, or checking blind spots.

Who is at fault when car A exits a lot to turn left onto main road when car B stops to allow this and car C passes car B in no pass zone strianother car passes in no pass zone and strikes car A?

* I amkool- is a stupid answer whoever put this car c because its overtaking in a no overtake zone

Who is at fault Car a is turning left car b in the approaching lane waves car a to cross in from of car b car a is hit by car c is that is coming up in the other lane parrall to car b .?

This sucks but:Both driver B and and Driver CDriver B took responsibility for all involved when he signaled car A to go.Of course Car C is at fault as he did not slow down to see why car B was stopped.I know this sounds wrong but blame the lawyer that convinced a jury this is how it should be.Another View: Driver A is at fault because he has the responsibility to make the turn in safety REGARDLESS of any unauthorized signals from any other vehicle on the road.Signals from another driver to proceed carry no official weight and do not absolve Driver A from making the turn with regards to all other traffic travelling in the opposite direction.

What happens in a chain reaction automobile accident?

In a chain reaction automobile accident one crash causes multiple one. For example, when car a hits car b, car b moves forward and hits car c. This reaction happens with multiple cars and can be dangerous.

Who is liable for injury in a pile up where car A stops suddenly car B bumps the bumper very lightly and car C hits car B pushing it into car A?

Pile Up Liabilityget Trent as a car cause he has alot of miles on him

Car A swerves from left lane to right lane to avoid hitting the car in front of it and instead hits car B in the right lane whose fault?

Most likely Car B if that person has done something wrong that cuased Car A to swerve. But if car A is seen as not paying attention and had to swerve at last minute to dodge care B for a normal stop or something then car A is at fualt. Or Maybe Car B did something stupid and car A had to swerve to protect its self, Car A has to do everything possible from hurting other drivers, sometimes that means slamming the breaks and taking the hit rather then risk swerving into other traffic. But if car B made a mistake, I believe A C will be fine.