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Fault in the accident is not a consideration. Normally the insurance company or the At Fault driver is responsible only for repairing your vehicle and providing you with a rental car.

While this may not be entirely fair, it is the system and you agreed to it when you chose to drive.

Some states do have a provision that a vehicle must be totaled if the damage exceeds a certain percentage of the total value of the auto. YOur best resource is your insurance agent.


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Q: If your vehicle was damaged but not totaled can you request that the insurance company replace it with a new vehicle if the accident was not your fault?
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How quickly will an insurance company repair or replace your roof tiles after they are damaged in a hail storm?

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What does the insurance company do when a car is not total in a wrecked?

If a vehicle is damaged in an auto accident the insurance company that insures the vehicle has the option to repair it, replace it, or pay the actual cash value of the car. The last one is in the case of a total loss and the company never tries to replace a vehicle anymore. In this case it would repair the vehicle and pay for the cost of repair less your deductible which you will be responsible to pay for yourself.

What can you claim in an RV accident it was the other drivers fault the Camper was totaled?

Insurance is made to pay for your financial loss due to an accident, not to see what you can get. In this case if there were no real injuries and the camper is not repairable then the insurance company will pay you the value of the camper and you will be made whole. This means you will have no real loss financially than you were in before the accident. The insurance company have the option to repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. If any other items that were not part of the camper were damaged they will be included such as televisions, computers, etc.

What do you change when you get into an accident with a 2007 PT Cruiser?

You repair or replace any damaged parts.You repair or replace any damaged parts.

If your new car's door is badly damaged how do you get the insurance company to replace it with a new door instead of just repairing it?

Depends on how it was damaged. If it was another drivers fault, take it up with their insurance company, by getting estimates of a new door and submitting it to them. If it damaged the vehicle bad enough, by making it unsafe to drive or bending the frame, it would be safer to replace it anyways, rather than repairing it.

Will insurance cover the cost to replace the carpet throughout your house if the majority of it was damaged from an accident And you have the same carpet throughout now.?

No. If your carpet was damaged by a covered peril. Your insurance policy is only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged part with like kind and quality. Their is no coverage for cosmetic aesthetics or exact match issues.

If you hit a car and that car's only damage is a tire does insurance generally pay for all 4 tires?

If you damage someone else's property your insurance company is required to indemnify that person for the damage lost. In other words, they have to put them back to the same 'place' they were before the accident happened - not better than they were before the accident. So they would typically be only required to replace the damaged tire. If it was a tire that was bald - the insurance company could take the price of a new tire, subtract the amount of difference for a new tire and a tire in the condition of the one damaged and pay the difference. Most of the time, the insurance company will just pay for a new tire and be done with it. For the insurance company to pay for 4 new tires for the claimant vehicle, it would have to be an extreme situation in which the body shop doing the repair work advises that the balance/suspension, etc. would be damaged or unnecessarily worn if only one tire was replaced. Very unlikely. By the way, if you are in an accident and the only thing damaged on your own vehicle is a tire, your insurance company most likely will not pay, even if it goes over your deductible. Most policies exclude damage to tires only.

Do all auto insurance policies replace damaged parts with used or salvage parts only becaused it is an older model?

i was recently involved in a minor car accident. The body shop stated the car was not ready because they were waiting on the used body parts from the salvage company. I called my insurance company they told me this was a common practice to use used parts. Is this a common practise.

If a friend drove your vehicle when there was no insurance and was involved in an accident who is liable for the cost to replace the car?

There is more than one answer to this question. Because you did not state who was at fault in the accident. If the other driver was at fault, it is that person or their insurance company that is responsible for the repairs on your car. If it is the friends fault, then it is the friend that is responsible. Even if the friend did or did not know you had did not have insurance.

Should insurance replace all cabinets after water damage?

Replace or repair all damaged as specified in your policy.

What is the monthly accident insurance cost for a healthy man that is 31?

Accident insurance is typically very cheap because it restricts coverage to a claim involving death resulting from an accident which has a low statistical probability. Whether or not a man is "healthy" is of no relevance for "accident insurance". There are actuarial tables available that show the chance of death by accident by age and gender. If you are asking about "accident insurance" that will replace your income if you are hurt in an accident, that is typically very cheap as well. I am certain that you can get instant online insurance quotes for "accident insurance" if you use a search engine to seach the phrase "buy accident insurance"

Does homeowners insurance covers upgrades?

No. If you have a loss the company will replace damaged items with same kind and quality. If you want to upgrade the eg. carpet or cabinets you will have to pay the additional cost yourself.