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The policy is 'in force' for the policy period as long as you still own the house.

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Q: If you move out of your house 30 days before closing the sale on it are you still covered by homeowners insurance?
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Is it required to have homeowners insurance before closing on a home in Indiana?


Do you need homeowners insurance before closing?

Yes, Mortgage Finance Companies require that Your Home Hazard Insurance Policy be in place before you can close the sale.

What term policy are often found in a mortgage insurance?

Typical term policies in mortgage insurance include terms on the homeowners out of pocket deductible before a claim can be paid out by an insurance company. Also it will often list what is covered and what is not. Flood insurance is not typically covered and costs extra.

Will homeowners insurance cover the installation of a HVAC Unit if your house never has had one before?

NO, Your homeowners Hazard Insurance Policy does not pay for maintenance or other home upgrades. However upgrades should be reported to your insurer as they can be covered if damaged or loss occurs from covered peril on your policy. If your Insurer is not aware that you have added an HVAC unit it will likely not be covered if damaged.

Should homeowners insurance cover water damage that was caused before you moved in?

No. Your policy will only cover damages which were caused by a covered loss during the policy period.

Will home insurance cover your labor to help pack and move items before repairs start?

The Homeowners own personal labor no, that would not be covered. But if you hired a mover then that would almost certainly be covered so long as the repairs being made are also the result of a covered peril on your policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover condemnation?

It is possible for a homeowners insurance policy to cover a condemnation. However, many factors are involved including location and size of house before a final decision can be rendered.

Are homeowners insurance quotes needed before purchasing a home?

If you are financing the home purchase through a bank or other mortgage company, you will need to show proof of insurance at the time of closing. I don't think you need to have quotes just to make an offer, but you will need to start getting them if your offer is accepted.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage from leaking skylight?

Generally an issue like this is not a covered loss on a homeowners insurance. The reason for this is that it is a maintenance issue that should have been fixed by the homeowner before damage occurred. Now if a storm occurred and a tree branch broke the skylight and then because of the storm rain came into the home. In the second case the cause was windstorm. Windstorm is a covered cause on a homeowners policy and therefore not only will the skylight be fixed but also the damage caused by the water coming into the home and whatever damage was caused by this. Most issues that are covered under a homeowners policy and ones that are "sudden and accidental". A lack of maintenance type of damage is usually something that happens over a period of time.

If you have cancer and get married will you be covered on your husbands health insurance?

if you have cancer before you are married, it will most likely be considered a pre-existing condition and it will not be covered by insurance.

What is a deductible in auto insurance?

A deductible in any kind of insurance is, basically, the minimum amount before the insurance "kicks in." On any repairs covered by your insurance, you will have to pay the deductible amount before the insurance will pay anything.

Does homeowner insurance cover a contractors mistake?

The contractor should be bonded and carry liability insurance and you need to require proof of this before they start. Homeowners insurance is not meant to guarantee work on homes.