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Since most personal auto insurance policies (actually, this goes for most commercial auto policies, too) don't have a property damage deductible, the most you would have to pay is your own deductible for the repairs to your vehicle, plus any betterment your carrier applies to the damaged components of your vehicle. So, say you have full coverage on your 1995 Honda Accord with a $100.00 deductible. You hit a pole in a parking lot, bending the pole. Your carrier will pay for all of the pole damage. Since the damages to your vehicle are $1000.00, your carrier will pay $900.00.

If, however, you had prior damage on, say, the bumper that hit the pole, your carrier might deduct up to 50% for the replacement cost of that bumper. If they use used or copycat parts, they might not take that deduction. Or they might take off a little from your payment for scratched paint, etc.

this happened to my wife. We paid the standard deductable and our insurance covered all the cost. We got bills from the electric company but they were all paid by our insurance.

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Q: If you hit a telephone pole and have full coverage how much do you have to pay?
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