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Their insurance is suppose to pay if it was their fault.

That is right, but you are not insured which is against the law. That is likely to cause the normal procedure to be diffrent. If I was the agent you would get a fine (very large)!!

Another answerer says: Look at the OJ Simpson case: With enough highly-paid lawyers (or judges), even YOU can get away with murder.

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Q: If you have no insurance on your car and someone hit you will they pay?
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If someone hit your car in a parking lot and filed a police report does their insurance pay?

if they are the ones that hit your car then yes, they or their insurance are the ones who have to pay.

Can you be liable if someone was driving your car and he hit a pedestrian walking out of a crosswalk?

It was your car so your insurance will have to pay. Never loan a car out to someone who is not on your insurance policy.

What if someone hit you would the lender of your car pay for the damages if you had no insurance?


What happens your car is totaled?

If you have the proper insurance or you were hit by someone you will surrender the car and the title to the insurance company and they will pay you the actual cash value of the car before it was hit.

If your car was stolen from your home and hit someone's property who is in fault?

If the police can't find the car thief, your insurance will have to pay for it. If they CAN find the car thief and he/she has nothing, your insurance will STILL have to pay for it.

Will your car insurance pay for the car that your son hit even though he is not on your insurance?

if he is not on your insurance he is required to have his own insurance otherwise he is driving your car without insurance with or without your permission illegally so no it will be the get out clause the insurance company will use not to pay out and why should they pay for someone who has not paid for there services

What if you hit a car and there is no damage to your car?

The insurance will pay for the car you hit.

What to do if Car totaled and no collision insurance?

If the accident was your fault you're out of luck. If you were hit by someone, their insurance will total your car and pay you for its actual cash value.

What do you do if you hit a car in a dealer's lot?

If you are driving their car and hit their car, then their insurance will pay for the damage on both cars. If you are driving your car and hit their car, then your insurance will pay for the damage on both cars.

Do you need to contact your insurance if someone hit your parked car?

Yes, alternatively you could pay for the repairs yourself.

What type of insurance will pay for damages if you hit a tree?

car insurance

If the driver of the car you hit does not have a license does your insurance still have to pay for the car?