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i think early because it is the next day

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Q: If you go to sleep at 2 am are you going to sleep early or late?
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Do you get cold soers from staying up late?

If you have been going to sleep late, you get cold sores when you then go to sleep at an earlier time.

What time should you go to sleep?

you should go to sleep at 9:00 because 10 is too late and 8 is too early.

What happens when you stay up late too much?

When you go to sleep late your body feels more tired and weak. Your body is used to going to sleep earlier. New answer: if you go to sleep late, ur mother will spazz at you and u'll regret it... but i sleep late. =.=

How do i go to sleep Lol?

by sleeping late then u will start to go to sleep :D

How could sleep patterns be a roadblock to learning?

If you go to sleep late at night you end up getting up for school tired and wanting to sleep in class. If you go to sleep early and get up in a good mood then you will want to do your work or be more into doing your work then you would if you were tired.

Why am i not tired in the morning when i go to bed late and wake up early?

Perhaps you're simply someone who requires little sleep to function.

How many children go to sleep late at night because of homework?

Alot of children do goto sleep late.

Why doesn't Homer Simpson like going to church?

because he has to get up early for it, he is too lazy to go, and it bores him to sleep

Is going to sleep to early effect your health?

I'm going to assume your question means "too early," and the answer is not really. There are hormones released in the body based on light, like melatonin, which do affect the body's circadian rhythm, and thus, the person's sleep cycle. There really aren't terribly adverse consequences for going to sleep too early in the day. It is more difficult to sleep soundly, as the light will possibly prevent you from falling asleep, and if you consistently go to sleep early, you will typically wake up earlier, which will shift your sleep cycle. You should be getting anywhere from 7 to 9 consecutive hours of sleep per day, but it doesn't really matter when. Having a routine for when you go to bed and wake is the best solution.

How can you get enough sleep?

Go to bed early and sleep for 8 hours.

How long does a child need to sleep?

For a child to be healthy which is important a child should sleep 10 to 12 hours. If your child goes to sleep late and wakes of early there body can get run down.Make sure your children go to bed at a reasonable hour

What does hit he haystack mean?

usually means time to go to bed or go to sleep.