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You only need Auto Insurance if you have a vehicle. Additionally, if you primarly rent vehicles, you should purchase a "non-owned" policy, or be sure you purchase the insurance that the rental company provides.

AnswerAbout the only time that you have to have auto insurance without owning a car is if you are required the have an SR-22 in order to maintain a valid driver's license. In the case where you don't own a car but yet need to have a driver's license and are required to have the SR-22 then you would be buying a non-owners insurance policy. AnswerYou only need insurance if you plan to operate a car (yours or anyone else's). If you don't plan to drive at all, some states offer a state ID card which is cheaper than paying for a driver's license. AnswerUsually it's the CAR that's insured, not the driver. Anyone who licenses a car in just about any state is required to have a liability policy that will cover any driver. But if you're planning to do a lot of driving of borrowed cars it might be a good idea to get insurance. Many vehicles only have liability insurance. If you want to be protected in case you damage a borrowed vehicle you might want to talk to an insurance agent to see what it will take.

It all depends on what YOU want to do.

If you're talking about insurance for rental cars, most states require that the rental car company carry liability insurance. You can get a premier credit card that carries rental car comprehensive/collision for you at no additional cost when you charge the auto rental to the card.

AnswerNo. Insurance is for people who drive. Even if you have a car, you don't have to insure it unless you drive it. AnswerNo. The insurance is on the car, in order to provide money A) to you if you damage the car and don't have the pocket money to repair it, B) for the lien company, should the car become destroyed while you owe on it, C) to others, when your car damages their property (other cars, buildings, traffic signs, sidewalks, grass, fire hydrants... you get the picure) AnswerNot if you live in the US. Everything is relevant to the state laws where you live. In MA for instance, if you are going to drive your parents car you (or they) will have to pay extra premiums for your inexperience even tho you are only an occasional operator. If you live with them, have a lic and will not drive the car, they must sign you off as an exluded driver. If you say live by yourself in Boston, and have no car, no,,,you do not need insurance. YOu can drive a friends car and will be covered on his unless you are making a habit of it. If you rent a car, you must buy their coverage!
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Q: If you dont own a car do you have to pay insurance?
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Do pro football players have to pay there own insurance?

no they dont

What happens if you pay your car loan so it doesnt get repossessed but you dont have insurance?

Your car finance company will add their own insurance that covers their vehicle, but not your liability. ANd it will significantly increase your payments. It would be so much cheaper and better protection for you to find your own insurance. Park it until you get insurance.

Will your car insurance pay for the car that your son hit even though he is not on your insurance?

if he is not on your insurance he is required to have his own insurance otherwise he is driving your car without insurance with or without your permission illegally so no it will be the get out clause the insurance company will use not to pay out and why should they pay for someone who has not paid for there services

What if you rear end someone and you dont have driver license and car insurance will their car insurance pay for her car and your car?

If it was your fault it's your responsibility to pay. If you haven't got insurance it'll be out of your own pocket.Added; Based on the fact that 99 9/10% of rear end collisions are the fault of the following vehicle - - the other party's insurance company will pay to repair her vehicle but will NOT pay to repair yours, and they may take YOU to court to recover their out of pocket costs.

Do you have to pay for car insurance on children under 25 years old that do not live with you?

No. Tell them to get a job and pay for their own insurance.

In the state of Pa do you have to pay insuraunce if all you have is a learners permit and no car?

No, the insurance is ONLY for the car. If youdon't own a car you don't have to pay for insurance - UNLESS - your folks have to pay extra to add you to their insurance coverage. Then THEY may make want you to pay for the difference in their rates.

You have insurance but they dont want to pay for the wreck and damage to the other car to get fixed so do you pay for it out of your pocket?

By law they have to pay for it! That's why you have it.

When in a car accident that is not your fault dose the other Insurance company pay for the car rental Insurance?

Yes, as long as you had comprehensive and collision insurance on your own policy. Rental companies require you to have these and the other party will not pay for them.

Do you have to have car insurance to be able to own a drivers license?

You don't have to have a car insurance at all. It's only your option but it's better for you/ if you have an accident the insurance company will pay it for you

How can you get your 17 year old on his own car insurance?

Make him get a job and pay for it himself.

If you were involved in a car wreck and it was not your fault and you did not rent a car because you own another car does the insurance company have to pay you for time lost on the wrecked car?

Depends, you have to ask your insurance company

Is it important to pay insurance on a car that you own?

It is, you should cover any assets that you own in case they are damaged or stolen.