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Of course the party that is deemed 'At Fault' will owe for the damages to the innocent party, or perhaps some comparative on each. The insurance companys will sort this all out in their investigation. Too many things go into this that you were unable to provide, (ie where is the damage on each vehicle, who had 'control' of the ''road'' etc)...

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Q: If you are on private property and you are pulling in front of a car on the right and as you're pulling over they pull forward and hit you who is at fault and who is liable to pay for the damages?
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What if you are on private property and you are pulling out of your parking spot and you don't realize the person next to you has there door open and some how you hit it?

If there door was already open then you are liable for the damage. It does not matter if it is on private property.

When someone backs into you while pulling into a spot on a private property and does not get a ticket whose insurance will pay for the damage on the vehicle pulling in?

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