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i'd say both you not that much but who wrecked it is the one to put the blame on

The insurance is for the car regardless of who is driving. It will be the first to pay. If it doesn't cover enough, the person driving can be tapped for the remainder. If the person driving does not have a license, the owner of the car has to pay out of their own pocket. The insurance company does not have to pay.

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Q: If you are not the primary policy holder and someone else drives the car and gets into an accident is it your fault or theirs?
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Does the primary lease holder on a car lease have any liability if the car is in an accident if the car is registered and insured by the co-signers of the lease who is not the primary?

If others who are co-signed on the car are in an accident, and cannot afford to pay and charges or fees as a result of that accident, then yes, as a co-signer the primary lease holder will be liable for those oustanding payments.

If you are the primary policy holder in a group policy and one of group policy members gets into an accident with his own car whats the impact to Primary Policy Holder?

Your premiums could be affected, Talk to your insurer and find out because every insurer is different on situations like this.

If you are the primary policy holder and someone else drives the car and gets into an accident is it your fault or theirs?

Fault does not really matter, the claim will go under the policy that the vehicle is insured under as long as the driver of the car had the owners permission to drive the vehicle. Be careful though, some policies are "named driver" policies and if the driver of the car was not listed in the policy, there may not be any coverage. If that is the case, and the driver has their own policy, you can try to attach to that policy.

When an operator on a policy get in an accident who gets surcharged the operator or the policy holder?

That will be the policy holder.

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Is a lien holder responsible if the car owner has an accident?

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What is difference between primary and secondary card holder?

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If you own the car and have your 19-year-old on your insurance policy but list him as the primary driver and he gets in an accident could you be sued for damages insurance didn't cover?

Is he really the primary driver? Who's name is the policy under? Generally being the holder of a policy makes YOU the primary. Check with your company.

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