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unfortunately this isn't an easy answer -

it depends on the type of claim (property, personal injury etc) , your driving history ( years of experience,your age, accident hist,points, revocations etc) , how At Fault you were (10%,80% etc) and of course the royal boomerang - the insurance companies policy , the hardest one of them all to gauge , because they keep that confidential . If your ins co is too expensive , shop around and get a written quote prior to changing companies, transfer the coverage and pay the new one in full when you get the bill, that way they cant raise the rate later( a common low ball trick a lot of them use to get you to switch). Pick a date for the date of coverage to take effect , and when you have the new policy take effect ,drop the old co effective the date the new one starts, that way you don't have duplicate coverage - which is th law in most states - and the old company will have to refund you any credit left on your old policy- the law too . good luck

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Q: If you are found at fault is the amount that your premiums will increase determined by the total amount the claim or just by the number of claims?
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What will increase car insurance premiums?

Many factors including claims filed against a policy, the number of claims reported from the zip code you live in, the amount of money paid on a claim, etc.

Do premiums increase when you have a comprehensive claim?

Generally no, but it depends on how your policy is set up and how many claims you file a year.

How much would insurance cost if you were involved in a car accident that was your fault and both drivers have liability insurance?

How much will it COST? If you have a good record of several years without claims, your premiums may not increase, but if you are a new driver or have had prior claims the increase will be determined by your insurer and no one else can give you a definite answer. Or how much will it PAY? If it was your fault, your liability coverage will pay for the damage to the other driver's car and if you do not have collision coverage, you get to pay for your own repairs.

What percent of premiums does AFLAC pay out for claims?

Aflac pays 2X as much in claims as in administrative costs.

Does having no claims on motorcycle insurance count when asking for car insurance?

Having no claims for a significant amount of time would definitely help keep your insurance premium down. In facts, at-fault claims and driving record are the two biggest factors affecting premiums in most states.

What is accident year loss ratio?

"Accident year loss ratio" is a term insurance companies use as an abbreviation for "the total amount of money lost to claims divided by the amount of premiums earned in a given calendar year."

What percentage of surety premiums taken each year are paid out in claims?


Do car insurance premiums increase after a comprehensive claim for a windshield?

A claim for windscreen glass will not normally affect the no claims discount of a motor insurance policy.... but your policy may be different, you need to read what it says.

Will insurance rates go up if no claims were reported?

Insurance rates are not determined by an individual's claims ratios, as the few who have claims could never afford their premiums if that were the case. They are figured over thousands of clients. This is how insurance of every kind works. By use of the law of large numbers, the risk of loss can be figured and these rates applied. Risk is calculated so that those who exhibit the most risk will pay higher premiums while those who have lower risk will pay less. Auto insurance companies usually lose money on claims but hope to make money by investing the sums between collection and payment of claims.

Can your son save money on his car insurance by adding your name to his insurance even although you have your own insurance?

Every driver your son puts on his policy will increase his premiums. It might reduce his premiums, if he claims that you're the primary driver and he's an incidential driver but that's insurance fraud and could come back to bite him.

Is Allstate Insurance Company legally allowed to raise your premium as you grow older?

Yes, They also charge higher premiums for young drivers. It's all about your risk category which is in small part determined by your age along with other things like your driving record, your claims history and comparable claims filed by others in your region.

What are the different levels of cover with care credit?

Care credit refers to the credits your receive in your health benefits related to amount of premiums you pay versus the amount of claims you incurs from actual medical events. The cover levels will vary based on the complexity of the procedures you incur.