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the police can only take your car if you have a violation. they can't take your car without any violation even if it doesn't have any insurance.

What country are you in?

In Britain no tax or no insurance means points on your licence if driving and even if parked means towed away with heavy fine, storage fees and if not sorted in 14 days the car is crushed.

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Q: If car is parked without insurance can police take it?
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My car was towed awy and crush by police for having no insurance just for being parked up outside my house can i take legal action against them?

No, assuming you live in a state where insurance is required. A condition of being on a street, whether driving or parked is that you will have the vehicle properly registered including carrying insurance.

If your vehicle is parked and you are out of it with keys can the police take you to jail for no license no insurance?

It depends on the state, however, the general rule is, that if you are the registered owner of a vehicle and have your keys in your possession, yes, you may be ticketed for not having insurance and/or driving license. It is called intend to drive.

If someone hits your parked car who pays?

If you are legally parked there is no question that the other driver is at fault. Your parked vehicle has not chance of avoiding the accident. Only the driver who hits your car while it is parked could avoid the situation. Now the problem comes in when they leave the scene of the accident. Immediately call the police without moving your vehicle. Search for witnesses and report it to the owner of the parking lot as well if you can identify them. Make sure a police report is made. If you have uninsured motorists coverage the UM will pay for your damage just as if the other party had coverage except you will have a small deductible depending on what you purchased on your policy. If the other party is caught, and the funds are recovered by your insurance company they will refund your deductible to you even if it takes years. If they had insurance it will be quick, if not it may take a while. If the person who hits you has insurance your UM does not get involved.

If someone hits your parked car and you call your insurance will your rates go up or will their insurance take care of everything?

If your car is parked and someone hits it, your rates should not go up. The other car's insurance company should take care of everything, even if you have the same insurance company. You are entitled to have your vehicle repaired following an accident that was caused by someone else.

Hit and run parked car plus no witnesses?

If it's your car that got hit, you should still make a report to the police. (You never know, they may find the person that hit you). Insurance will still take the claim, but it may take more time to process, and you'll have to have the appropriate insurance. If you hit the car, you should leave a note with your contact info and insurance info so the owner can get back to you.

Are police allowed to take pictures of your car while it's not running?

Yes. If your car parked on public probably, it is allowed to take photo. But police maybe ask you first before take picture on private probably for e.g your house.

Can you make a claim against an at fault driver without a police report?

can someone sue a person that was in an accident with no police report an the insurance company did not come to take pics of my car .Only there policy's holder car ,who sue's for the money if the insurer had motorist with no insurance policy?

Can schools use police forms to take voluntary statements from students without police being there?

No they can not use police forms , without the police being there in person.

If you hit a parked car and you are unable to find the owner what should you do?

leave your information and take lots of pictures. If there is damage, they will contact you. Call the police

Your car was repossessed and is now parked in a public place can you take it back?

Not without being a car thief.

Can you find out if a life insurance police has been taken out on you?

As the person who is being insured, YOU have to sign the forms, and no one can do it for you. There should be proof of the identity of the person signing the form. Legally, no one can take a life insurance policy on you without your consent.

Can another Insurance agent take a split on commission without your knowledge?

Only screwed insurance agents will take a split on commission without your knowledge.