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The rule of thumb is that the owner's insurance pays first and, if that coverage is inadequate, the driver's car pays.

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Q: If another person has car insurance and has an accident using your car which car insurance is used?
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How are accident reports usually filed?

Accident reports are usually filed with the police. They will interview the person and fill in the accident report using those details. A separate report is filed with the insurance company.

Can a lawyer in another state speak on my behalf to insurance companies for a car accident?

Yes, they can represent you in another state. That is one advantage of using a lawyer there rather than locally.

Do I have to pay car insurance on a vehicle in an accident?

Are you still using it? If so, yes.

Who is responsible if using another's vehicle whose insurance lapsed?

The person driving the vehicle. You borrowed the vehicle so any damage is your responsibly to fix. In almost all cases your insurance covers you if you must borrow another car. Check with your insurance company to be sure.

What happens if your car gets totaled by another driver in collision accident?

You get the Traffic Collision Report. You find out who was at fault. You get the other driver's insurance information. You file a claim with his insurance company. Using an attorney to represent you helps to avoid you suffering through the process yourself.

What are the benefits of using Globe Life and Accident Insurance?

Globe Life and Accident Insurance is a license holder for the named after insurances in the United States. They are rated A+ based on management skills, financial strength and integrity. They have 3,8 million policy holder.

i have a renter and he is in the process of buying a new car..he asked me if he could use this address when geting car insurance. my question is if he were to get into an accident, would i in any way be liable with him using this address?

No you can not be liable for him using the address. It's just like when someone lives in an apartment complex if a tentant is involved in an accident the apartment complex is not at fault. His name is on the car title and on the policy. If he is the person driving then he would be the person responsible.

If the car that you drive is insured but belongs to another person do you have to get insurance to drive it?

AnswerYes, unless you want to be sued by the other person if something happens.AnswerIf this is your primary vehicle, then you must be included in the insurance policy.AnswerYou should check with your insurance company. You may have some personal liability. The answer depends on many factors:state lawswhether you live with the ownerwhether any accident is your fault or you were negligentwhether you have permission or were using the car at the owner's requestwhether the car was taken without permissionwhether the car was being used only for the reason permission was givenetc.

If someone drove your car and hit someone can you be sued?

Possibly. Being the owner of the vehicle, you assumed some of the responsibiliy when you loaned it to the other person. A lot of it depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident, though. Contact your insurance company and give them all the facts regarding the accident, and they can give you a more detailed answer. I would also advise you to get a copy of the accident report before you contact them, which you can get from the police precinct or sheriffs department that worked the accident. yes you can. anyone who drives your car is using your insurance unless you have insurance that covers any driver. Yes, as stated above, it is possible for you to be sued. But, it can still depend on the circumstances of the accident, the type of policy you have, and even whether or not that person had your permission to drive your car. Check your policy for any exclusions, as well as liability limitations.

If I am in an accident and the other driver has no insurance and my insurance provider has paid my claim do you need to have the auto repair done or can you keep the money?

The money is for an autorepair. I would recomend using it for that, or the insurance company can possibly charge you with intent to defraud.

Is it illegal for someone not to turn in a person that was using their car and got into an accident?

If the accident involved injury or damage to anyone including yourself then you are required to report the accident. If this person was responsible and you state otherwise when reporting it you are committing fraud, and possibly also perjury.

Can you be sued if someone has an accident under your insurance but you didn't know they were using it?

In the US, at least, you can be sued for just about anything. I'm uncertain as to exactly how you could not know someone was on your insurance policy, though.