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Claim money
  • You get the amount of money that the job was estimated at. If there is excess money left over, that's yours.
  • In cases where the shop bills the insurance company directly, though, there is no excess; insurance pays what the shop bills.
  • In the UK you are compensated following an accident - compensation means putting you back into the position that you were prior to the accident happening. If your vehicle was damaged in a RTA and you are claiming from the guilty driver's insurer you are paid the estimated cost of repair or the book value for the vehicle if it is written off. If you choose not to spend this money on repairing your vehicle or use a cheaper source to repair your vehicle - this is a matter for you. But you must remember that inferior repairs will likely mean your vehicle is valued far less so you are not really making excess money. If this question relates to other items claimed from the driver's At Fault insurer - use the link below to see what you are entitled to claim to compensate you.
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Q: If an insurance company pays a claim and the work or the parts used end up being less expensive than the paid claim who gets the excess money?
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