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towing company should have insurance

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Q: Who is responsible for damage to car when being towed by company car?
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Can passengers ride in towed RVs?

While it may be legal in some places, in general, the answer is no, it is illegal to ride in an RV that is being towed.

When one vehicle is being towed by means of a chain what does the chain need to have displayed on it?

other than being sufficiently strong for the task, nothing that i know of. i would worry more about not running the towed vehicle into the towing vehicle and that the towed vehicle has brake lights though.

How much does it cost to get a car out of impound in Texas?

The cost to get a car out of impound in Texas will vary. It will depend on which county it was towed in and which company towed it. To find out where the car is, call the police department and they will tell you. Then you can call the towing company to find out what the fees will be.

What is gross trailer weight braked?

This is the maximum amount of weight a vehicle can tow, if what being towed has brakes. A towed vehicle with brakes (electronic brakes) responds to the same braking that the vehicle doing the towing has. If the vehicle being towed does not have brakes, the maximum towing capacity is much less.

Can car be towed without key?

Yes, cars can be towed without a key, and most cars that are towed do not have keys. If a car is towed for being illegally parked, they don't get in touch with the owner of the car and ask to have the key so the car can be towed, they just tow it. The car does not have to have its engine turned on in order to tow it; the tow truck just pulls it along.

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A skier is being towed behind a boat who is responsible for avoiding Boats and hazards?

The operator of the boat

Car was being repoed while being towed it hit a parked car who is responsible?

It should be pretty obvious that the employer of the tow truck driver is completely responsible.

Tow truck was used to pull my car that was stuck out of my backyard. As he was leaving he damaged the my cement driveway. Who's responsible?

Better check the paperwork you signed before they towed. There was probably a clause in there clearing the company of liability for such damage.

Does your full coverage auto insurance cover vehicle in tow as well?

The vehicle being towed has to have physical damage coverage itself in order to be covered for damage. A vehicle towing another vehicle does transfer the liability insurance to the trailer or object it is legally towing but the physical damage done to the object being towed does not transfer.

What can you do if there is damage to your car from being towed backward on the drivetrain during a repossession in Ohio?

Unfortunately, not much. The obvious prevention would have been to keep current on the payments. Being towed is just the logicl consequence of the previous actions.

What if your car was damaged when being towed and drug out of a yard?

In my opinion, it is the towing company's fault, and they should have to pay for it.

Is an insured driver responsible for a damage caused by a vehicle being towed?

I was driving my truck and towing a U-haul are transporter with my minivan on the transporter. I was involved in an accident. I have total coverage on the truck but only collision on the van. My insurance covered my truck and the damage to the uhaul but not to my van. Hope this helps some

If your vehicle was towed from a no parking spot and your vehicle is damaged in the process who is responsible?

The towing company (contractor) is responsible for any damage it causes while removing a car from a public street, and the municipality may have liability if it has its own employees tow vehicles, rather than a contractor. You may also find a sign on private property that says, "Unauthorized vehicles towed at owner's risk and expense." Oddly enough, this means what it says, and you have "assumed the risk" of damage and agreed to pay the reasonable expenses of towing (and storage) when you trespassed on such a parking spot.

What happened when your car get towed?

It gets towed. Where it goes from there depends on the reason it was towed. It could go to an impound yard, a tow company yard, or a repair center, or back to your home if you had it towed.

How long can the drawbar be bewteen the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed?

depends on the hitch and how big the vehicle being towed is

How long does the drawbar have to be between the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed?

depends on how high the hitch is and how high the vehicle being towed is

Does auto policy cover damage done when the vehicle towing the utility trailer is damaged?

In dealing with a towed trailer, the liability coverage will extend from the vehicle towing to the trailer being towed but the physical damage coverage does not extend. This means that if you are backing up at a fuel station and the trailer backs into another vehicle then the liability will cover the damage done to the other car that is damaged by the trailer. Any damage done to the trailer itself will not be covered.

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