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no it isn't you should see your doctor. :) good luck

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Q: If I took the Morning after pill three days after sex and was bleeding for 12 days is that normal?
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Is it normal to have light spotting for three days then start bleeding a lot on the fourth day and still be bleeding on day eight when your periods are usually five days?

No... That is pretty unusual... xO

Is vaginal bleeding for three days after using tioconazole 6.5 oitment normal?

I don't know if it is normal but I have the same problem with this and monistat and probably clotrimazole...

What if you haven't started your pireod and you are bleeding only for three day?

well, if you are bleeding down there, you have probely started your first pireod, and 3 days id pretty normal.

Is heavy bleeding normal in the first few days of an IUD?


Is it normal to bleed three days after your period?

I am not very sure on what your asking, but if you mean after your cycle, then yes. That called an irregular bleeding, and it is normal. BUT if it continues for a week, or a couple then you might want to see a doctor.

Can you have implantation bleeding for three or more days?

Nio, implantation bleeding is just a couple of spots.

Is a two or three day period normal?

Yes completely normal, no need to worry, periods can even last from 1 day up to about 12 days :) As long as you have a regular cycle of bleeding, then your fertility is fine.

What is the length of a normal period?

5 days. Yes the bleeding lasts for 5 days and it occurs every 28 days. the 5 days is referred to as the bleeding phase and the 28 days is the average menstrual cycle.. ---------------------------------------------------------Recommend if u like this....

Your period lasts for 2 days only is it normal?

length of menstrual bleeding varies from woman to woman, but yes this can be normal for you.

What amount of bleeding should I expect after cone biopsy?

Just a small amount of bleeding for two to three days.

Is it normal for implantation blood to last up to 6 days?

I'm not certain if this is considered normal, but I had implantation bleeding that lasted exactly 6 days when I was pregnant with my son.

Is it implantation bleeding if you have been spotting light pink for four days and this morning it was light brown and light pink but your period is not due for five days?

Not necessarily no but implantation bleeding can appear as the bleeding you've described. Implantation bleeding will occur 6-12 days after intercourse. If you suspect pregnancy, see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.