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HI, Working in a car insurance company, you would claim off your car insurance as the vehicle was involved in the accident, however because it was on your own personal property you may be able to claim off your house insurance depending on the terms of your policy, you will find most homeowners insurance only covers the house itself and not the surrounding gardens

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Q: If I hit a car parked in my driveway while backing out would the owner of the car submit a claim to my car insurance or my homeowners insurance since it took place on my property?
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Backing into driveway hit car backing out of same driveway?

BOTH drivers are at fault for backing without caution. If the accident occurred in a driveway on private property, no ticket was probably issued. Turn it over to your insurance companies.

Can you claim on insurance if you have an accident backing out of your driveway?

It depends on the type of insurance, the terms of the contract and the circumstances.

Who is at fault if you back out of your driveway cross 3 lanes put in drive and got hit by another car backing out of his driveway?

If you were fully in the lane, and he is backing from private property onto public property more than likely he will bare the majority of fault/liablilty.

If your husband damages your car in the driveway of your home do you file a claim under your homeowners policy or the auto policy?

If you have an umbrella policy, that might cover it. If you have separate standard polices for home and auto, the auto insurance will cover it first. Deductibles might be picked up by the homeowners. Policies are hugely different, though. You need to consult your policies and call your agents. Recently, my father-in-law bashed my car with his while backing out of my driveway. My collision insurance covered the damage to my car. His covered the damage to his. My homeowners insurance did not cover my out-of-pocket expenses for the deductibles, but his liability insurance did. It's a little different in your case because the same policy covers both cars (I assume).

If a car crash is caused by ice will your insurance go up?

if i was backing out of my own driveway and slid on ice and hit a relatives car will my insurance go up

Who's at fault in backing accident out of driveway?

I would say probably the person backing out, as they should of looked for any oncoming cars before backing out. ---- The person backing out of the driveway who did not yield to oncoming traffic.

Are you at fault if you hit a pedestrian backing down your driveway on your property?

Pedestrians have the right of way. Unless you can prove he/she was grosely negligent or did it on purpose then you are at fault. If you are backing down on your private driveway and a neighbor who walks behind your car on your private driveway is hit and falls down who is at fault? The neighbor pedestrian has been drinking, unstable on his feet was standing in his driveway at his car then suddenly is behind my vehicle.

Who is responsible if a car was hit on private property while backing out of the driveway?

doesn't matter if an accident was on private property. get a police report immediately. this will be used to determine fault, if any.

If you back out of a driveway and strike a moving car who is at fault?

The person backing out of the driveway.

Who is at fault if someone enters your private driveway and hits your vehicle while you are backing out?

It is the persons fault for entering your private driveway.Another View: If the collision occurred on private property, the insurance companies of both cars will be involved. As a general rule, the driver of the backing vehicle bears the responsbibility for making sure that he can safely proceed in reverse.

Will your lialability insurance cover you backing into a car on your private property?

It should, there is virtually no difference between private property and public property when it comes to accidents.

What should you do if you run into an illegally parked car backing out of your driveway and you only have liability insurance and the hit vehicle already had damage to the same area?

Let your insurance company handle it. They do it all the time.