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When you have bad bloating, you can use an herb called damiana that reduces the bloating.

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Q: I have bad bloating what can I take to help?
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Can dogs take simethicone?

yes dogs are able to take simethicone for bloating or bad gas i would talk to your vet about dosage.

What are some effective treatments for stomach bloating?

There are proprietary remedies for stomach bloating such as Wind-eze which can help to reduce stomach bloating. Sometimes indigestion tablets can also help.

What douse bad constapation lead to?

Serious bad pains in your stomach ad lower back, also bloating in your stomach .Most times if get constipated alot the doctor will give u medication to help your constipation and it really does help I know from experience.

Do low carb diets prevent stomach bloating?

Yes, low carb foods can help you to avoid stomach bloating if the cause is food (and it usually is).

What does bloating in men mean?

it means that if they do not deflate with help of a doctor they explode!

Do midol stop bleeding?

No; its function is to help with the discomfort and bloating of a period, not to end it.

How does one get rid of belly bloat?

There are two main ways to get rid of bloating in one's belly: exercise and diet. Increased physical activity, particularly aerobic exercise can help reduce the size and bloating of one's stomach. Additionally, by cutting out certain foods that are difficult to digest, one can reduce bloating. Avoiding inulin fiber and eating probiotic foods are common nutritional practices that can help reduce bloating.

How can you treat bloating?

take a pain reliever like Midol. Some people say eating bread products can alleviate symptoms. I usually go for a bagel and it seems to help a bit.

What are some ways to help with pms bloating?

Some natural remedies for PMS bloating are herbal teas which help with water retention, the cause of the bloating. A few teas to try are peppermint or dandelion, but not both at the same time as you might become dehydrated. As with any remedy, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist, especially if you have health problems or are taking other medications.

Are eye contacts bad for you?

No, they are not bad for you. They are there to help you. As long as you take the appropriate eye maintenance, and cleansing measures, they are fine.

How do you prevent getting bloated from sex?

From experience, I would say not to eat for a few hours before hand but drink water. alcohol is bad too, causes bloating! sometimes, if you are too tense, this may also result in bloating.

Do colonics flatten tummies?

Colonics can help flatten the area of the stomach but not drastically. Colonics clear waste from the intestines which can help with the bloating of the stomach.