How old is jiraiya?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: How old is jiraiya?
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When was Jiraiya created?

Jiraiya was created in 1839.

Who likes Lady Tsunade?

Konohamaru does. jiraiya! and of course her old lover dan. (old cause hes dead)

Does jiraiya and tsunade fall in love in naruto?

When Jiraiya and Tsunade were Genins, Jiraiya fell in love with Tsunade.

What will happen to jiraiya after death?

pain revives jiraiya

How does jiraiya get his sharingan?

Jiraiya never possesses a sharingan.

How does Naruto get sage mode?

He trains with the old frog who originally trained Jiraiya sage jutsu. He goes to Mount Myoboku to train and eventually masters it fully, something even Jiraiya couldn't do.

Does Toad Sage die in Naruto or Shippuden?

Jiraiya dies from his old student Pein in Shippuden, shortly after sending a message to Konoha resulting in the defeat of Pein by Jiraiya's other student, Naruto.

Does Tsunade tell Naruto about Jiraiya?

No, instead Jiraiya tells Naruto about Tsunade, as Naruto first met Jiraiya.

When was Jiraiya the Hero created?

Jiraiya the Hero was created in 1921.

What does jiraiya mean in english?

Jiraiya translates into 'Young Thunder'

Are Jiraiya and Naruto related?

Jiraiya is Naruto's godfather and teacher.

Who does jariya like?

I think you mean Jiraiya. And if you want a picture, just go to Google Images and type "Jiraiya" or "Naruto Jiraiya".