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Q: How often should a man urinate daily?
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What might the daily calorie intake be for a man?

The daily calorie intake for a normal healthy man should be 2500 a day.

Can a man urinate in his own anus?


Can a man urinate during intercourse?

no,men cannot urinate when having sex,u can try it if u can!

How many calories should a man have daily according to height or weight?


What should be the minimum daily protein intake of a man with the weight of 185lbs?


If you saw a man wet his jeans would you get him another pair?

A man who wets his jeans should have himself to blame. You should not even try to get him another pair as it is believed that even a drunk man can control his urge to urinate. A man who wets his jeans should be made to be ashamed in public so as not to repeat the act again.

How many calories daily should a 40 year old man eat?


How many Calories for a 63 year old man?

How many calories should a 63 old man intake daily

Why do you have willy's?

A man has a penis from which to urinate and so that when he and a woman are in love he can make a baby.

How much protEIn does a man need daily?

If a man is relatively sedentary i.e. does not exercise regulary, then about 50g of protein is sufficient. However, if the man is relatively active or weight lifts often, then protein uptake should be increased, up to about 0.7-1 gram of protein per lb of body mass.

How much fat calories and carbohydrates should a 150 pound man have daily?

Talk to your personal physician about this.

How much sodium should a 47 year old man have daily?

1500 mg is enough for any adult