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In the night,alo when you becom tired u can sleep to relax your mind.

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Q: How much sleep is necessary to have?
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Is it better to get 8 or 9 hours of sleep if you are a teenager?

When your a teenager you need as much sleep as you can get, because you will be more alert during the day and you will be able to think clearer. You need to get as much sleep as you can :) Kautilya-I agree.But actually it depends,if u are exhausted,let your body rest as much as it wants.But usually for every teenager,8 hours of sleep is very necessary.

Why should a pregnant woman sleep?

because sleep is necessary for health, without the sleep her baby may not be as healthy

Psychologists agree that the REM stage of sleep is necessary for maintaining good mental health?

Psychologists agree that the REM stage of sleep is necessary for maintaining good mental health.

How much sleep should a 70 year old get?

Eight hours is ideal. But at least six hours is necessary.

Why should ten year olds go to bed at 9 PM?

It is necessary for young children to get enough sleep. Sleep is necessary to get the body strong, especially during periods of physical growth.

What time did soldiers get up in ww1?

Soildiers did not have alot of sleep and only had 10 mintures

How much does a south china tiger sleep in a day?

how much does a tiger sleep

When was Too Much Sleep created?

Too Much Sleep was created in 1989.

How many hours of sleep is necessary for a teen of 15years?

8-9 hours

Why my Left eye vibrating so much?

It is a nutrition problem which ensures that your body has deficient in necessary vitamins. Eat nutritious foods and have good rest followed by deep sleep.

Why do people eat and sleep?

Because it's necessary to collect nutrients and resolve fatigue.

Does the warthog sleep at night or in the day?

They sleep as and when necessary. Both at night and during the heat of the day. They inhabit burrows vacated by other animals, such as the Aardvark