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It depends on the pay plan.

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Q: How much does an automobile dealer general manager make?
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How much money does a auto dealer general manager earn?

The average General Manager of a new car franchise makes about $240k per year. A General Manager running an extremely profitable store can make $500k-1 million.

Job description general manager auto dealer?

The general manager of an auto dealer is in charge of the whole dealership. They do the hiring and firing of all management, make short and long-term goals for the dealership, oversee monthly finances, oversee training of personnel, create creative and economical merchandise strategies and advertising, maintain a positive work atmosphere, and much more.

What does a general manager of a mls team make?

about 75,0000

How much does an RV general manager make?

12$ an hr

Why did TO get fired?

cause she make the core atack the general manager

How much does an auto dealer parts manager make?

An auto dealer parts manager makes between $30,000 and $50,000 per year on average. Additional income usually comes in the form of bonuses based on sales.

What are the differences between an automobile lease and an automobile loan?

When you take out a loan to buy a vehicle, you will be asked to make monthly payments for a certain number of years. At the end of that time you will own the vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you make monthly payments for a certain number of years and then you give the automobile back to the dealer.

How much does a manager at Casey's general store make?

40k a year

When did General Motors Corporation acquire the Cadillac Automobile Company?

General Motors Corporation acquired the Cadillac Automobile Corporation on July 29, 1909. The company was purchased to help build the brand and make more sales.

How much money does a general manager make at California Pizza Kitchen?

They make about 6 figures

How much does an auto dealer finance manager makes?

depends wish dealer you work but if your store avg between 200 cars a month,they make 120k a year

How much does a store manager make at caseys general store?

40k a year