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You should defecate ("poo") at least once a day, but you should be eating 3 times a day to have a healthy maintained bowel. If you don't go for at least for a day or two, you should really go to the doctors or try a laxative. If you don't go for a week well then, there is usually something wrong. Go to a hospital if you can't reach a doctor like an after hours clinic.

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Q: How many times should you defecate a day?
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How times in a day does a cow poop?

A cow can defecate up to 15 times a day. Normally, a cow will defecate around 10 times a day.

How often should puppies defecate?

The average is three times a day as puppy's need to be fed three times a day. But as they get older they should only have food two times a day.

How many piles of horse poop should a poop per day?

On average, mares and geldings defecate six to eight times per day, but stallions and foals can double that frequency.

Do cats pee and defecate more than once a day?

A healthy cat uses the litter box a few times a day (like, 2 or 3 times a day). They usually defecate every day, or sometimes every other day, and they urinate maybe twice a day.

How often should the normal person defecate?

Daily activities and adequete foods makes a person heallthy.A normal & healthy person should defecate twice a day.

How often do russian tortoises defecate?

Whenever they need to ! There is no set number of times a day !

How aften does a horse defecate?

8-12 times a day. But this level can change (for example more when excited)

How often do you defecate in a day?

once a day

How many times a day should I feed my pets?

Two times a day.

How many times a day should you fish a goldfish?

two to three times a day

How many times should the dog be feeded in a day?

2-3 times a day.

How many times a day should you have grain?

you should eat 6-11 a day