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Q: How long will spotting last after your period?
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Is the last day of spotting heavy?

No all the spotting should be light , and not last as long as your normal period. Yes, this is very normal during the early weeks of pregnancy.

Is brown spotting considered the last period for pregnancy?


What does it mean when you have a period that last a hour?

Then it probably isn't your period. Sounds like spotting

What is the difference between spotting if you know you are pregnant and actual menstruation?

spotting is light and can last for a day or two where your regular period will last longer...depending on when your last period was. I hope this can help you out and if i am wrong i guess congrats is in order

Why am i spotting after my period?

why am i spotting after my period

When using Mirena how long does your period last?

You can have your period up to 6 month's your period will slow down to just spotting in time.Around 8 months it will stop from time to time you may spot

How long does spotting normally last?

Alll year long

How long does the spotting goes on after the miss period?

one week

Spotting after a period?

normal cycles can last 10 days. sorry Joymaker RN

When does implantation spotting start?

21 days after the first day of your last period usually

You had brown spotting and very heavy period last month would you be pregnant?

The fact that you had a period suggests that you're not pregnant, however this isn't always the case. the brown spotting could simply be the blood drying.

If your on the pill and you don't take the last seven pills in the pack and start a new pack you start spotting how long will the spotting last?

the spotting lasts for how many pills you didnt take so in your case its 7 days