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the spotting lasts for how many pills you didnt take so in your case its 7 days

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Q: If your on the pill and you don't take the last seven pills in the pack and start a new pack you start spotting how long will the spotting last?
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Do you have to wait seven days after you start every new pack?

No, the second pack is effective immediately as long as you took the prior pills correctly.

What if you dont have brown spotting while on the depo injection?

red or brown spotting is common, but some people dont have spotting at all (there the lucky folk).

How many days after stopping the active pills will the period usually start?

dont know. I think its a month.

What will happen if you dont take your sugar pills?

They are just there as a reminder that you are taking pills, and not get you off track. You dont really have to take them (they are just sugar pills, there is no medicine in them), you just have to remind yourself that the Sunday after your period ends , you will need to start your new pack and continue with your daily birth contol routine.

What if you dont take the plcebo pills?

The cycle is three weeks of hormones, one week of no hormones, as you pretty much figured out by the fact that of the 28 pills in the pack, seven of them are placebos. When BC pills first came out, they used to only give you the 21 hormone pills. You were supposed to take the pills for 21 days, then not take pills for seven days before starting hormones again. The problem with that is people would start taking the pills again at nine days or eleven days or whatever, and a lot of women got pregnant. "How could this happen? These things are supposed to keep you from getting pregnant!" And they do, if you keep to the schedule. Now, they give you 21 days of hormones and seven placebos, and you get to take one pill every day. If you get into the habit of always taking a pill every day, you won't mess up the cycle. So as to your answer: if you can remember to start taking the hormone pills again after seven days, you don't need to take the placebos. Then again, they won't hurt you if you take them.

When on birth control pills do you still take the green placebo pill if you dont start your period?

You're supposed to start your period after you start taking the placebo pills. To keep on a routine, you should take the placebo pills on their designated days (the last 7 days of the 28 day cycle).

What is a way of spotting propaganda?

dont watch/listen to commercials

Is there a Remedy to end spotting?

idk or dk both equals (i dont know or dont know)

If my package of pills show Sunday and Monday's pills already gone but today is Sunday and I dont remember taking it or why Monday's pill is gone what do I do?

Take a pill today and get a new package tomorrow, and start it over.

Can pregnancy occur on the first day of bith control?

of course it can! dont you read the bottle?some pills even start working after 3 months

When you have to use the pills?

when you dont want to get pregnant

How many ecstasy pills it take to equal an ounce?

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