How long should you take a shower?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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like ten minutes four minutes

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Q: How long should you take a shower?
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How long should a shower take a boy?

At the most 13 minutes

How long should you wait to take a shower after giving birth?


How long do dogs usually take a shower?

Dogs usually don't take showers. When their human bathes them, the human decides how long the dog should be in the bath or shower.

How long should you take a shower but it has to be fast?

you have to sing a song and be crazy! Don't slip! Birds love it when you sing to them! So do cats! Do it in the shower

Do it take less water to take a shower or a bath?

It depends how long it takes you to shower

How many shower should take a week?

One should take a shower on a day basis making it seven times a week.

Shower how long should one stay in the shower?

If you look anything close to a raisin or a prune, you've been in the shower too long

You smell bad what should you do?

take a shower!!!!!

Should I take a shower this morning?

Yeah, you probably should.

My roommate doesn't wipe after he goes number two if he is about to take a shower after. Can I get diseases from him doing this if I use the same shower?

no you should be fine.. as long as none of the fecal matter is in the bathtub or shower when you get in you should be ok.. if you are still concerned just rinse the shower or tub out before you get in next time but i think you should be ok because fecal disease is spread through direct contact with your bodily fluids as long as your not rolling in it i believe you should be fine

Should a child with pneumonia take a shower?

That's safe as long as the child doesn't get overheated or cooled to the point of shivering.

Should you take a shower if you have a fever?

A shower may make you feel a little better.