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Q: How long is the average person lying down?
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How large is a Pilates machine?

There are small pilates machines and large pilates machines. The large pilates machines are long and not wide. They are about the size of an average person, about six feet, lying down and are about a foot wide.

How long is 80 feet?

Roughly as long as 14 average-size adult North American male people lying down in a line, head-to-toe.

How long can a person a stay up?

A person can stay awake for around seven to eight days on average. After that, their body will shut down, and they will die.

How long the average person keeps their car?

The average person will keep their car for 17.46 years. The average car lasts about three years longer than that, but around 30% will sell their car. That's why it's brought down to 17 years.

On average how long a day does the average person talk?

24 hours on the average.

Are you taller lying down or standing up?

Yes, A persons length from head to toe is greater after lying for a long period of time. This is because the gravitational stress on our joints is not present when one is lying down flat. This is a fact that has been known for a very long time, and was proven recently on a discovery television show called "Mythbusters.". the answer is yes. you are taller laying down than you are standing up.

How long is the average person's leg?

25 to 35 inches long

How long does a person?

You might be asking how long a person lives. The average age is around 75 years.

How long does the average person sit per lifetime?

The average person sits atleast 8 hours a day.

How long does the average french person live?


How long is the average person on welfare?

1 year

How long does the average person dream for?

usually the average dream lasts about 20 minutes.