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When you realize you're TRIPPIN!!! lol.

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Q: How do you know when pcp is in your weed?
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Can you test positive to pcp and not be taking it?

if you smoke laced weed.

How do you get weed out of your system using home remedies?

Clean urine of pcp

Is pot pcp?

uhh no definitely not. they are two very different things. unless of course someone laced your weed with pcp, which is highly unlikely.

What is angel dust weed?

marijuana that has been sprayed with liquid PCP... look up what PCP is for more info.

Which drugs are smoked?

Weed, Tobacco, Cocaine or Crack, Opium, Crystal Meth, Heroin, Morphine, Oxycontin, PCP,

What drugs do the drug test look for?

THC (Weed), Cocaine, Meth, PCP, Opiouts(Herion, or any downers)

Is PCP fun?

It definitely was not fun for me. I didn't realize the weed I was smoking was laced with PCP, so I wasn't expecting the trip. I was in an unfamiliar environment, experiencing feelings that I knew were not a normal high, so I ended up having a bad trip. I'm an experimental person but I wouldn't try PCP again.

What are the withdrawal symptoms from PCP?

I dont know you tell me.

What are withdrawal symptoms of PCP?

i dont know you tell me

How long PCP stay in your saliva for a swab test?

How long do pcp stay in ur saliva for a swab test

How would you know if you have purple weed?

You know if you have purple weed because of the color.

What does PCP stand for?

Phencyclidine, or PCP, is a dissociative anesthetic. PCP has both hallucinogen and stimulant effects. Effects include feelings of sedation, euphoria, calmness, feelings of being "out of body," illusions and hallucinations, distorted sensory perceptions, and agitation. It was developed and used as an anesthetic, then as veterinary anesthetic. PCP is also known as Angel Dust, Killer Weed, Embalming Fluid, Rocket Fuel, Crystal, Wet, Water, Wack, Fry, Amp, Formaldehyde, Zoot, and Hog.